Hello! I'm Chelsea, a book-loving Northern living in Somerset. 

When I'm not blogging, I enjoy reading, karaoke, and wasting hours of my life on Netflix. I'm married to a chef, so naturally food plays a big part of my life and you can often find me instagramming whatever culinary delight he's created.

Love in Modern Life has involved from a 'lifestyle' blog to a 'lifestyle, book and parenting' blog as my life has developed. I love being able to share all the aspects of my life here - from special moments, inspirations, recommendations and everything in between!

You can also keep up to date with what I'm up to on Twitter and Instagram.

Getting to know me...

Things that make me smile: my husband's cooking, curling up with a good book, karaoke, The Office US, cherry coke, red pandas, Parks & Recreation, being up North, hot chocolate and scented candles.

Things that make me frown: reading a book with a rubbish ending, rough hands, people being an arse on the bus/train, being indecisive and getting lost.

Not sure where to start? Here are my top 5 most popular posts:

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