Saturday, 1 September 2018

Celebrate World Letter Writing Day with Viking*

When I was younger, I was absolutely desperate for a pen pal. I actually had one for a little while - a girl called Emma that I met whilst camping in the Lake District - but after a couple of months I guess it fizzled out. I would buy cute little writing sets and send embarrassing long 'thank you' notes to people in the hope that a new pen-palship would start. When I was offered the opportunity to begin a new pen pal journey with Viking, I could hardly contain my excitement. With World Letter Writing Day being celebrated on 1st September, I wanted to share with you my little writing routine. 

The first World Letter Writing Day happened a couple of years ago, on 1st September 2014. Founded by Richard Simpkin, who wanted to encourage people to put pen to paper and write a letter to a loved one, friend or even a stranger. I just love the thought of writing a little positive letter to somebody I've never met and maybe leaving it tucked inside a library book - wouldn't that be incredible to find?
The kind folks at Viking really went above and beyond what I expected with my little kit. They included some super cute personalised writing paper - with my blog logo on, isn't that adorable? I love the style of it and it made me feel quite sophisticated to use my own paper when writing my letters. I even received a little wax seal, which I think is super fancy. I'm so proper, y'know?

With my stationery set complete, I was ready to start penning my first letter. Honestly, most of my work is completed online or by typing away at a computer so I fully appreciated the art of a good letter. I think writing out a letter is quite therapeutic and I definitely took my time to get into the writing 'zone'. I lit a fancy candle, wrapped myself up in a blanket and found somewhere comfortable to write. I don't have a writing playlist or anything, but I tend to find Laura Marling or some other folky artist a good bet to focus my mind. 

Writing a letter, for me, goes beyond those boring conversation starters like asking how the weather is - they just seem like pretty dull things to put onto paper. As my new pen pal didn't know anything about me, I thought I would write about my favourite books. I gave a bit of background about my degree in Publishing, and also let them know my dream publishing job too. I think getting personal like this and really revealing a little bit more about yourself - your character, your beliefs, your likes or loves - is such a great way to get into letter writing. You could speak to someone every day, a work colleague perhaps, and not know this sort of thing about each other. 

I've got to say, since Viking got me thinking about writing letters, I've truly fallen in love with pen and paper a bit more. Do you have a pen pal? Would you like one? 
*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored a collaboration with Viking. Content written by myself.

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