Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Taking Care of Yourself as Autumn Starts*

When you suffer with dry skin, chances are you're not looking forward to the changing seasons. Although it feels like we've had an actual summer here in the UK for a change, with dry skin you have to prepare for the months ahead. Instead of waiting for Autumn to sneak up on you, why not help prepare your skin for a better chance once the cold weather kicks in?

As someone who usually suffers from dry hands in autumn and winter - and grew up with eczema as a child - I can tell you it's not the easiest thing to keep on top of. Dryness starts off barely noticeable, but once it sets in you could end up feeling uncomfortable, less confident and that's not good for anybody! I've listed my top 3 steps to help you take care of your skin as the nights grow darker.

1. Moisturise shortly after washing
By moisturising within a couple of minutes after washing, you help to lock the moisture into your skin. This should then ensure your face or body doesn't become dehydrated or dry. If you already feel like you need something specifically for dry skin, you could try this

2. Don't spend too long in hot baths or showers
On a cold morning, I love nothing more than standing under a gloriously hot shower - but did you know this could make your skin worse? You're better off having lukewarm baths or showers, and it helps to ensure your body temperature doesn't get too confused or that your skin goes from shockingly hot to shockingly cold in a tiny space of time. 

3. Keep Hydrated
Do you even need to be told to keep hydrated these days? Surely everyone knows that whatever ailment you might have, water can help. Although during the colder months you might prefer a hot drink instead of a glass of water, your body still needs its fair share to stay hydrated. Hydrated skin is the key to keeping pesky dry skin at bay, so drink up!

So there we have it, my top tips to keeping your skin in tip top condition as Summer ends! 

*Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with The Independent Pharmacy. Content written by myself.

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