Sunday, 10 January 2016

Ever thought about starting your own travel career?

I think everyone has that one family member who knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to booking holidays. Whether it's what time of year is best to book your family getaway or what to say to get a room upgrade - in my family that person is my mam. Honestly, if you need a holiday but struggle to get it just right, that woman has a way to create the trip of your dreams!
I follow so many different bloggers who have been able to make travel their business, and honestly - it's pretty inspiring! I think most people would love to say that you've explored the world and made a decent amount of money from it too. Whether it's from press trips at the finest restaurant or luxury flights to a bustling city destination, when you work in travel you can guarantee each day will have something new and exciting to offer.
If this sounds like something you're pretty good at, then creating your very own travel agency might be easier than you think! There are even places like Explorer Travel that can help you make this dream a reality. I've mentioned previously about the different ways I've looked into creating my own business to work from home and create the perfect work/life balance while my kids are young. It hadn't even crossed my mind that you could create your own travel agency from the comfort of your living room. 
If you're passionate and committed to building your life around your love of travel, then you could easily argue that it's hardly like work - it isn't even 9-5 working hours if you don't want it to be! Travel is one of the most satisfying industries to work in, and when you love what you do it makes it all the more rewarding. Even more so if you spend your morning doing 'work admin' on a sun lounger in the latest hotspot destination!
*Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with Explorer Travel. Content written by myself.

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