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Master The Art Of Detoxing In A Healthy Way*

The word detox send shivers down many a spine and has most people reaching for a brown paper bag. Detoxing has had a bad reputation of late with weird and unhealthy cabbage soup detoxes, the werewolf diet (look it up) and the baby food cleanse making a mockery of the idea of a detox. A detox should be a cleansing of the body allowing it to then re-energise and help you feel more alert and healthy. Take a look at these simple ways you can detox in a healthy and measured way to reveal a healthier and happier you.


By going on a detox diet you will inevitably feel hungry at times, but this should lessen after a couple of days as your body gets used to a new eating routine. Unless you are undertaking a juicing cleanse, there is no reason to cut down on the quantity of the food you are eating, simply switch up the morsels you put into your body. Have a ban on all fried foods, starchy carbs and sugar. Cutting these out of your eating plan for a week or two will see you shift the pounds and feel more energised.

Opt for plenty of beets and radishes in your diet, and ensure that you include an abundance of berries. These are full of antioxidants that will promote the detox process and help combat free radicals within your body.


Detoxing doesn’t have to be all about your physical health. Yoga or pilates are fantastic ways to detox the mind and aid in the management of your emotions. If you are particularly stressed at work or are anxious about something, a wheatgrass shot won’t help you cope any more effectively. Through breathing exercises, certain postures and mindfulness meditation, you can alter thought processes for the better and find yourself thinking more clearly.


If you are partial to overspending on your credit card, smoking or drinking too much at the weekends, it might be time to seek a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. By following a guide to drug detox, you could become cleaner, healthier and happier without a constant craving or addiction hanging over your head.


Detoxing is all about giving your body time to adjust and rest. You may find that after three or four sessions of yoga, some super green smoothies and a more nutritious diet that you may be hitting the sack earlier in the evenings. This is a positive step towards detoxing naturally. Try and aim for at least seven hours of shut-eye every night to ensure that you are well rested.

Embarking on a detox needn’t be a negative experience or something that you have to endure. You shouldn't be holding your nose for fear of gagging every time you take another spirulina shot. Detoxing should be fun, educational and a positive experience to allow you to become more attuned to both your physical and mental well being. Follow this guide to ensure that you detox in a healthy and measured way.
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