Friday, 1 January 2016

3 Special Ways To Say Thank You*

In today’s increasingly impersonal world, it’s not surprising that we may feel a little isolated from time to time. Our reliance on technology sees us walking through life with our heads bowed or our capped with a pair of soundproof headphones. It seems like we’re putting ourselves in a  bubble that we’re increasingly reluctant to come out of. There was a time when we used things and loved people. Now it seems we’ve got it the other way around, we love things and use people. We use social media apps to communicate with our friends and swipe through dating apps to find our perfect mates. More and more, it seems that our attitude towards choosing a life partner and buying groceries online is becoming and increasingly blurred line. Yet, every once in a while we’re reminded that not only do we rely on other people more than we’d like to admit, other people are actually… pretty awesome!

If a friend, a relative, a work colleague or your significant other has done something lovely for you recently, it can seem like the words “thank you” simply aren’t enough. If you want to say thank you in a more special, lasting or significant way, there are lots of ways to say it…

Say it with a letter

In an era where we communicate increasingly in GIFs and emojis, the lost art of letter writing is a beautiful and personal way to say thank you. Go all out and use posh paper and a calligraphy pen if you want to go all out. Let’s face it, rarely these days do we get anything other than bills and junk mail in the post these days and a letter is not only a pleasant surprise, it’s a unique and personal gift that is inexpensive and readily available but extremely thoughtful.

Say it with chocolate

Sure, we all remember those old adverts, “say thank you with Cadbury’s Roses”, but while these may be fine for casual occasions, you might want to go all out if you want to say an extra special thank you. For a high spec riff on the familiar chocolate box, say it with a gift box from Hotel Chocloat, or better yet how about a personalised chocolate gift from Thorntons with your own message iced on the chocolate itself or printed on the box?

Say it with a hamper

There was a time when hampers consisted of a tin of spam, a battered looking plastic wrapped cake, a few pork pies and a bottle of third rate bubbly. Thankfully, when you send a hamper today, you can do it with much more elegance and class. There are a wide range of different hampers out there to suit all tastes.

From boozy hampers to hampers filled with tasteful accoutrements for the home. From hampers packed with beautiful baby clothes to hampers brimming with lavish bathroom products. Whether your intended recipient unwinds at home with long hot bath, a hot flat white or a tall gin and tonic, there’s a hamper out there for them.

So the next time someone does something wonderful for you, don’t just say thank you, make a gift of your thanks!

*Disclaimer: Collaborative content.

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