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Part-Time Job Ideas For Busy Mum's!*

Having a baby is a massive adventure, but it can make you lose a tiny piece of your identity – even when you don’t want it to. Before you have children, you are ‘Polly who works in marketing’ or ‘Rosie who bakes AMAZING cakes’. Then you have children, and you become ‘Jack’s Mum’ or ‘the one who wears pyjamas on the school run’. Well, ideally not, but you get the concept. You don’t just have your name to define who you are, you have the fact that you have children to do it for you. It is, therefore, of high importance to make sure that even when you have children and venture into the world of parenthood, that you do SOMETHING to help you to remember that you were always a person first.

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One of the best ways to ensure that you keep a hold on what you want to be is to get yourself a job. It’s not the easiest thing to do, because there are rarely jobs that are flexible enough to work around your children, school hours and those minor illnesses and emergencies that make you stay at home to look after them. Most companies are not yet on board with remote working – despite what they say – which means you have to get a little creative when it comes to finding something to get you out of the house and breathe some different air, while earning a little cash on the side. It’s for that reason that I’ve put together some brilliant job ideas that are flexible enough to do around the children but don’t interrupt a few hours just for you.

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Deliveries. If you have a car and someone to be with the kids in the evening, why not take up a role as a delivery driver for local takeaways? Most Chinese and Indian restaurants look for extra drivers – especially on the weekends – to pick up a shift and lighten the load. You get an hourly rate, so there’s a chance that you’d have to register as self-employed, but you also may get the perk of a free dinner, so there’s that.

Sitting. It’s one thing to open up a business as a childminder during the day, but it’s another to offer a babysitting or pet sitting service yourself. When your friends and neighbours want to go on holiday, you could be the affordable option for a few days compared to a kennel. You could also walk the dogs for them while they’re at work. You’ll have to bundle the baby into the pram, but it does give you a reason to get out of the house and go for a walk.

Blogging. Believe it or not, you could run your own blog and earn some money for it, too. Blogging gives you a platform to air your concerns and opinions and if you have a topic that you want to stick to, you could write in the evenings and when the children are at school. It’s a wonderfully creative outlet for you and you can choose any angle that you want.

Tutor. You have a brain and you likely had an education, so you can put that to good use by offering your services as a tutor. The good thing? You could do it remotely. Remote maths and English tutors are often needed as extra support for children, and you can check out this link to find out how you can get into that and how you can have local schools advertise your service. You would need a DBS check, as anyone who works with children would.

Typist. Audio typists typically work from home for themselves. Audio files are sent electronically, and you can type them up. Brush up your skills with a touch-typing course if you’ve been away from the office or using a laptop for a while. You’ll definitely have to register as self-employed for this one, but don’t be put off. The process itself is very simple and you could be working quickly and be paid weekly.
The flexibility of working for yourself can change the way that you do things at home. Not only that, it will give you something outside of taking care of the kids or cleaning the house. Children are a blessing, no one is denying it. But they don’t have to define you. You were and are a person with her own interests and likes and dislikes – you don’t have to lose any of those things by being a Mother.
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