Sunday, 10 January 2016

Dressing Light For The Summer Sun*

Dressing for summer is something a lot of people tend to do wrong. Either you’re wearing materials that are far too heavy, or you insist on the dark skinny jeans when you’d rather break out the shorts you’ve been saving since January. Seeing as the summer sun is quickly approaching us this year, it’s time to finally live your beach body dreams!

Whether you’re a big traveller, or you’re just anticipating a good summer out and about this year, here’s some tips on making sure you’re not sweating through your outfit, and your legs are going to get the tan you’ve always wanted for them.

Stick to One Layer

Because it’s hot outside, you’re not going to want to wrap up in coats and scarves, or putting on a flannel shirt to cover your vest top, or wrapping your jumper around your waist. So plan your outfits to only have one layer, and don’t look back when you step outside the door.

And even when you’ve only got one layer of clothing on, you can still make your outfit look as stylish or interesting as possible when you consider the patterns you’re putting on. You’ve got ruffles, you’ve got check, you’ve got faux animal print, you’ve got bright colours you can pair together, and you’ve got the darker colours that remind you of autumn whenever you put them on. As long as you know what complements what, you’re going to look your best whenever you’re getting dressed.

Try Out Some White

When you’ve got white clothing on, you’re going to be reflecting all the rays the sun sends down right back at it. And that makes you both noteworthy and prepared for anything the summer day is going to send at you. Even when you’re headed to the beach, if you’ve got a light shade or white bikini on, you’re still going to look the part whilst having some more maneuverability to you.

Don’t Forget to Accessorise!

If you’ve got a simple chain around your neck, or some earrings in that hang away from your neck, you’re not going to be feeling any hotter than usual when it comes to frolicking under the summer sun. Not to mention it’s another way you can layer at no cost to your personal health or hygiene, and you can feel like the festival fairy you’ve always wanted to look like when you’ve got that wide brimmed hat and hanging necklace dipping down your dress.

If you’re not usually the kind of person who likes to put bracelets on because how clunky they can be, you can always look into personalised jewellery. You’re guaranteed to like what you’re wearing this way, plus you can finally get that customised piece no chain store out there ever seems to stock!

Dressing light for the summer sun is going to take a bit of preparation, but do try to give outfits out of your personal style a chance. You’re going to look great and also have fun!

*Disclaimer: Collaborative content.

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