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Three Things Families Do For Each Other To Nurture Relationships*

Family is important, vital most would say, but to have successful relationships in this area is all about getting a balance. A balance between the fun stuff and the serious stuff. To help you with this sometimes difficult task, check out the post below.


Communication is pretty important in any relationship, and there is no exception regarding the family. Unfortunately, we can be so ingrained in the way that we communicate it can be tough to hear or be heard. This situation is caused, perhaps because we get used to playing a certain role like a parent or child and then even when life changes and we grow, we can easily revert into the old communication patterns that are familiar.

To deal with this, in a family situation it may be necessary to acknowledge when a member is going through life stage that affects their role and changes the way that we talk to them and the responsibility that we give them.

Communication is essential for good family relationships.

For example, an older teen will be able to take on more responsibility than a toddler and also understand things in much more depth, while an ageing parent may need to do less around the house because of a reduction in mobility. They may also need to take a back seat in leading and advising the family as their children mature and begin to have a family of their own.

Care for their members

Family also care for their members, whether old or young, close or faraway. Of course, this may look pretty different from family to family, and you have to find strategies that work for your particular situation.

This may mean staying in contact with grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even kids that are away at university via video messaging services like Skype if you can't get to see them regularly. It also may mean considering residential care in homes like Porthaven for older family members. In addition, it can be helpful to set and consistently enforcing expectations and rule for younger members, even if such an action may not be particularly popular at the time!

Have fun

Families also have fun together, and this is something that should never be skipped over, even if we do have busy and stressful lives. The reason that fun time is so important is twofold.

Firstly, it helps to strengthen the family unit and create a bond between members. Something that can come in handy when things are tough.

Secondly, making time for fun whether it's a trip to the cinema, an evening of board games, or even a family movie night is vital because it is a way of making meaningful memories together. Something that is important not only for the survival of the family unit but also for each member as they move on through their life. In fact, the fun traditions you start in the family unit while the kids are young can be something that lasts well on into their adulthood and can end up being shared with their own kids as they grow up to strengthen relationships.

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