Saturday, 10 March 2018

Making 2018 #MySafestYearYet

As a parent to two young children, being safe is something I think about a lot. Everyday household objects can become lethal in the hands of a child, and don't get me started on the outside world. We live in a fairly new housing development, so everyday there's diggers and whatnot within walking distance from us. One quick let go of my hand, and who knows what could happen? Of course, being involved in a freak digger accident is hopefully a rare occurrence and not something I let consume my thoughts. Slater and Gordon Lawyers have been looking at how we can ensure our own safety this year, and that's why I'm sharing #MySafestYearYet. 
At home, there are really simple things you can do to make your house safe for yourself and your loved ones. We rent our home, so luckily we have lots of carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms which are checked regularly to ensure our safety. Another thing we have to keep an eye on at home is ensuring possible dangerous objects are kept well out of the boys reach. This means we have those super annoying cupboard latches that are incredibly fiddly and make opening the cleaning cupboard near-on impossible. I struggle with them, so Robin has absolutely no chance! In this cupboard, we have all the usual cleaning suspects such as bleach, washing detergent, carpet cleaner etc and we also have our food waste bin in there as well. By locking these things away, it gives us peace of mind, because although you can try your hardest to watch your kiddos every second of the day, they are pretty much always up to mischief! 
And it's not just the home to consider. I walk to work, and during the winter months I always ensure my jacket has reflective patches on it. This means that I'm visible to drivers and other road users, and hopefully ensures my safety. Even during the lighter months, I keep my jacket in my workbag as you never know when it might be raining heavily or foggy on a morning. With the kids, Dylan has all reflective stickers on his bike, scooter and his skateboard - yes, my plaster cupboard is fully stocked incase of bumps and bruises! - and also on his helmet and protective pads. Kids coats generally always have some reflective markings on them, but if not you can buy them pretty easily to add your own. I did this with Joe's running jacket, as it weirdly only had a tiny reflective strip, and added some more jazzy patches, much to his disproval. Don't you know it's safety over style, in this case! 
I'm not trying to scare anybody with this post, but there are so many simple ways to keep yourself this year - and every year after that! While you can't predict what will happen in the future, you can arm yourself with these little tips and hopefully avoid anything disastrous happening in the near future for you and your loved ones! 
*Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Slater & Gordon. Content written by myself.

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