Monday, 29 January 2018

Getting The Help You Need With HMRCTalk

If you're a new reader around here, you might not know that in May last year I was elected to be a local councillor. As a local councillor, I represent the residents in my 'ward' and have committed myself to helping them get the best outcome in every way possible. Whether this is ensuring our roads aren't being used by unruly speedsters, or getting a 20MPH sign outside our local school - your local councillor is elected by you, and therefore works for you. Of course, there are limits to what I councillors can do - I can't wipe off anyone's council tax bill, for example - but generally councillors are a pretty helpful bunch. Where I live, the government have been trialing Universal Credit and since this rollout the vast majority of the problems brought to my attention are UC-related.  
And it's tough to help people when this is a completely new system that I'm unfamiliar with. It's even tougher when the UC system is completely online-based any my actual town is struggling to get decent internet across to every resident. Of course, as I want to help people, I need to first educate myself - it would really put people's income and potentially their lives at risk if I just gave them my best presumption. That's where HMRCTalk come in. Their website is made purely to provide helpful information to people who may be struggling on the HMRC website or with submitting a claim. 
It could be ensuring you don't miss the self-assessment tax return date or even trying to find information on maternity allowance - pretty much every aspect of HMRC is covered. When I had Robin, I actually went on maternity allowance (instead of Statuary Maternity Pay from my employer) as I hadn't been employed long enough to be entitled to their payment. I found the information I received over the phone differed from person to person, so if I'd have had HMRCTalk to hand, it would have really helped. Let me tell you, an annoyed pregnant woman quickly becomes a crying pregnant women! 
I am happily going to recommend HMRCTalk to any members of my ward who might like a bit more information, as I've found it incredibly helpful. 
*Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with HMRCTalk. Content written by myself.

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