Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Being Motivated To Reach Your Goals

Making New Year’s resolutions are all well and good, but are you really motivated to keep them? Now that we are a couple of weeks into 2018, a lot of people will start to dwindle in their efforts to keep up with their resolutions, and some will have already given up. But motivation goes far beyond just New Year’s promises - it’s in everything we do. Motivation to work out, to work hard, to work at all. Motivation is what pushes us to reach our goals, to improve and be better, but when you don’t have that motivation in the first place, what then?

General motivation can be found by making yourself accountable to others. If you set a promise or a deadline with someone else, you are more likely to meet it then if you just set it for yourself. THink about work; if your boss sets you a deadline you have no choice but to meet it. But it you set one for yourself, it is so much harder to keep. Even in smaller settings - if you are supposed to read a novel by next weeks book club, you’ll find yourself making time to read it. If you are working out with someone and arrange times to go to the gym, you are less likely to cancel and let them down, then if it’s just you going on your own. When trying to lose weight, post progress pictures on social media, as annoying as it might be for some of your followers, it will be inspirational for others. Plus, if that weekly photo doesn’t go up, then people will know that you’re not doing as you said. And where that might not be too huge of a deal, the mentality is that you’re letting someone down and so you have to go.

Motivation is all about getting into the mindset of you have to do it. You can have a goal that you want to reach that makes the whole process happy and easy, or it could just be a means to an end. Motivation isn’t always uplifting and inspirational - but that type is the sort we would all prefer to have.

No matter your mindset, you can create that happy-to-work feeling by working from the ground up. Start each day right; if you’re exhausted then you don’t want to do your usual list of things let alone push yourself. Get a good night’s sleep, wake up with enough time that you don’t have to rush in the morning, and eat a decent breakfast. Why not give yourself a cleanse and really start afresh? SocHealth’s article on body detox’s is a step by step on how to cleanse yourself.

Motivation won’t just fall onto your lap, you have to give it a helping hand, and when those times happen where it’s a struggle to get moving, don’t be too hard on yourself. Everyone is aloud an off day here and there, so take a break. Don’t stop, but slow down a little, and give your mind a chance to reset and reboot.

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