Monday, 22 January 2018

How To Become Your Own Nest Guru

I am obsessed with my sleeping habits, there I said it. I even posted about my ideal bedroom setting a few days ago! Over the years, I think I've covered pretty much every extreme when it comes to sleep. I've gone whole hog and played around with dream journals or tracked my sleep using apps to being completely blasé about using my phone in bed or binging Come Dine With Me at 3am when I should have been snoozing. Don't judge me on that last one, Dave Lamb's witty commentary pretty much got me through my final year of college.
Now that I'm getting older and perhaps wiser, I've realised that you don't need fancy gadgets or apps to help your sleep. You just need a decent, dedicated sleeping space. That means a mattress that works to your sleeping habits, the right sleeping environment and ensuring that you keep the bed for it's rightful purpose - sleeping! Of course you may do a whole load of other activities there *sniggers* but you shouldn't be using your bed as an office or cinema. 
My commitment to my sleeping - or perhaps lack of, with a troublesome toddler who enjoys waking me up at 4am - has brought my attention to the Bed Guru #NestGuru campaign and their lovely mattresses. Bed Guru are sleep specialists and they understand that we're all different - and that includes our sleeping habits. I'm a devoted back-sleeper, whereas Joe is a full-on side-sleeper. I'm a very light sleeper, and will wake up if Joe moves around too much. Which, you'll be glad to know he does. A lot. As working parents to two pretty active kiddos, we need a mattress that will ensure we fall asleep instantly, because sleep is precious, yo! In short, we need a mattress that is going to keep us both happy, one that distributes our weight evenly and eases the pressure on our knackered bodies as we rest. 
For this reason, I'm loving their range of Latex mattresses. They're a great alternative to the ever-popular memory foam mattress, with the added bonus of keeping allergies at bay. Although this is a mattress for Joe and myself, keeping allergies away is something I'm really concerned about for our family. I used to have pretty bad allergies as a nipper so anything to ensure the kids don't follow suit are more than welcome. Much like a memory foam mattress, the Latex mattress is super responsive and will mould to your bod to ensure the perfect sleep. 
So, there we have it. Nobody has any reason now to have a bad night's sleep. In fact, I'm hoping to finally twist Joe's arm and upgrade our mattress this month - wish me luck! 
*Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with Bed Guru. Content written by myself.

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