Friday, 24 November 2017

No Time For November

Pals, I must apologies for the somewhat dramatic post title today. I thought it sounded snappy when I first typed it but I keep looking at it and reading it in my fancy voice and it's a bit pants, isn't it? Oh, well - it's kind of true, though. I've found that November is going by incredibly quickly, and although this isn't a monthly review of sorts, I just wanted to type something out before we somehow end up in December. 

Tiny me in beautiful Brussels
November's been a bit of a mixed bag for me, really. It started off pretty well, and I went to Brussels with an amazing group of women as part of my Women in Leadership group. It was really eye-opening to meet so many fabulous women who are all doing great things, and no doubt going on to do even greater things too. With this inspiring trip in my back pocket, I also had another little local election lined up, with myself as candidate for a position on the town council. Unfortunately, local politics is just not taken seriously by most people here and we had a puny turnout of just 13%. We put our best efforts in with campaigning but sadly I missed out this time. Although I thought a win would be extremely unlikely and know that I worked hard and our team worked hard, I'm still feeling a bit sad about it all. However, everyone else is - quite rightly - pointing out how much effort we put in, and we know we just need to brush ourselves off and get on with the next job, and that does lift the spirits a bit. The show must go on, ey? 

Of course, I'm not a fully fledged politico just yet, and day to day, I work in a local school as a reprographics assistant. I've pretty much worked there for three months now, and I think I've really gelled well with the place. I get on really well with the other people in my office, and my printing skills are second to none. The school were really encouraging when I told them about my trip to Brussels, and it really gives me a much better job satisfaction then my previous workplace. So all in all, that's pretty good going. The next fortnight are packed with mock exams, so I've been printing my socks off to get thousands of exams ready - as well as the usual load of work - and I definitely think it's helping me to hone in on my prioritising skills. 

I mean, I say that, but have I found any time for myself? No, not really. My reading goal is pretty much unachievable now, I had to force myself to allow a spare 15 minutes to be dedicated to some life-admin for December, and despite getting the sewing bug just before my birthday, I haven't sewn anything since! I was determined to sew our very own advent calendar, and I'm really not leaving myself with a lot of time to do it... 

How has November been for you? Is anyone else feeling like this?

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