Sunday, 26 November 2017

Nipping Nuptial Feuds In The Bud Before They Start*

Any wedding, no matter how stressful, can be the beginning of a long, happy marriage. We all have spats here and there and during the stress of planning a wedding, it should be no surprise that one sticky topic or the other can come to a head. But you don’t need the extra hassle, so it’s worth staying on top of potential arguments anyway. Here are four that you can defuse in advance and a few ideas on just how you do that.

Share the load
If someone isn’t pulling their weight while organising the wedding, it will eventually become a source of frustration. Even if a bride wants to control most aspects of the wedding, the groom should be prepared to share the planning duties. The same is true of the reverse. If one person is left to facilitate everything, it will lead to building resentment that can lead to accusations of laziness or a lack of caring, even if neither is necessarily true.
Make the big decisions together
There are some aspects that should most definitely be decided on together. A man might want to surprise his wife by-to-be by choosing what he thinks is the perfect ring. If he doesn’t know how to choose a diamond or your particular tastes, however, it can be a big misstep that’s awkward to untangle. Similarly, if you’re having a wedding abroad, then you need to run down a list of possible destinations together to make sure that you can both help as many of your guests make it over as possible. Consult one another before making any major decisions.
Talking traditions
Opposites attract and, usually, that’s a wonderful thing. A mix between a super conservative groom and a progressive, trend-breaking bride can make for difficult wedding arrangements, however. Similarly, if you’re from different cultures, then whose traditions do you stick with? It’s up to the both of you to decide what to keep and what to break. Keep one another’s families in mind, however, and ask each other about what traditions you consider most important. For a meeting of two cultures, a compromise and a mix of both can keep each party happy.
Family or familiar foes?
The in-laws are a common point of contention for many brides. That might not be the case for all, but if it is for you, then try to make the effort to bridge those gaps in advance. If you have a mother-in-law that is too controlling or trying to get too involved in the wedding, then calmly talk to your partner about it before you start ringing the bell and putting on the boxing gloves, however. Get him on board first. Then, it can do a lot of good if you present a united front, but you take the lead when it comes to any in-law issues.
Above all else, communication and closeness are key. It can be easy for a little bit of distance to build in the leadup to a wedding as you’re busy planning and you might not have as much time for another. Make that time and together you can work through the vast majority of potential catastrophes.

*Disclaimer: Collaborative content.

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