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My Philosophies and Life - Live Like You Give A F**k Book Tour

It's quite exciting when you're asked to take part in a book tour, and as a big book fan myself, I hope it's something you get excited about too. Today, I'm part of Nicola Findlay's book tour for her awesomely titled Live Like You Give A F**K. Nicola has kindly provided a lil guest post below, so have a read and if you love it, get yourself a copy of her book pronto! 


I grew up with mum juggling jobs to make ends meet. Logically, my expectations for the future at this point were low. I thought the best I could do would be to muddle and struggle through life like my mum. In my early twenties, I found myself in a boring job that I hated, too much month at the end of the money, credit cards maxed out on emergencies like a cute biker jacket from Zara and being in a dead end relationship where my partner felt more like a lodger than a lover! 

I could have stayed this way but fate, destiny, the universe or whatever the hell you call it stepped in and and guided me in a different direction.! 

An older, wiser colleague at work often asked me , “what the heck are you doing stuck in this stale office! Get the hell out of here and live a life of adventure and fun - you are too young to 
settle for a 9-5 boring office job’ As much as I new it to be true, the security of the job would always drag my sorry arse back. 

The unexpected death of him was a lightening bolt to my system. Would I continue living a life that didn’t feel like mine or I could grab life by the balls and go live a better version? 
In what seemed like a moment of madness, in a heartbeat, I took the first step that we all have to do to make change happen. I decided to take a leap of faith into the unknown! 

From that point everything started to change pretty quickly. I ditched the boyfriend and the job. Moved down south and started an awesome career travelling the world as an air stewardess. 

I loved my new life, work and new friends. Within a year I met a guy that blew my socks off. I still can’t shake him off, I guess that’s because I married him. One day I was introduced to my first self development book which was quite alien to me as my usual reading materials consisted solely of OK and Hello magazine. But I absolutely fucking loved it, and was so hooked and hungry for more. That initial book started a trail into the ‘self help bubble’ which led to more life changing books, weekend seminars, an nlp practitioner course and running self development workshops in Brighton where I lived. This journey of personal growth and development was pleasantly interrupted by the arrival of my baby daughter Melia and I stepped back to focus on my most prized possession. 

I’ve always felt guided in someway by something. In Steve Jobs commencement speech he talked about; ‘trusting that the dots will join together’. I know now, if I have an idea, like writing a book, I should action it! because I believe I wouldn’t have had the idea in the first place. I trust that even if I don’t have all of the answers upfront (no one ever does!) I will be shown the best possible path for me, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. I’m 100% all in with the Universe, we’re bestie, I trust her so I’m happy to jump and let it all figured out on the way down. 

For me, I have learned that a great life starts only one way and that’s with a massive dose of gratitude. I ask myself on a daily basis what am I grateful for in my life right now, who do I love and who loves me!. This daily ritual sets me up for the day. I won’t moan about a situation or focus on the negativity of something that bothers me. I choose to be grateful, as the situation could always be worse. So rather than focus my energies bitching and moaning, I like to visualise the future I want and put my energies into the actions and steps that will make that vision a reality. 

You have to belief in yourself and your abilities to make life fucking happen! If you can’t believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. To do that, it sounds cheesy, but you gotta love and respect yourself, without doubt or fear. You gotta be able to shut down those negative voices before they stop you in your tracks. 

You’ve also got to know what the fuck you want. We spend too much time gossiping about what’s shit, our terrible boss, job that we hate, not having enough money but rarely on the things that we do want. Switch that shit up and start talking, planning and plotting how you’re gonna live this amazing thing we call life! 

Nicola Findlay Author of; ‘Live Like You Give A F**K!’

*Disclaimer: This post was part of a book tour with Nicola Findlay.

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