Friday, 12 May 2017

Encouraging Outdoor Play and Turning #TearsIntoSmiles

You would think that it wouldn't be any trouble at all getting Dylan out and about to play outside. He's a really active kid and always full of energy. Sometimes though, he's more inclined to play inside with his DS or with his toys. As we creep further into British Summertime, I thought it would be time to start getting this wild child outside. 

We're very lucky to live in Somerset, as we're completely surrounded by plenty of beautiful places to go and roam. Whether it's a local woodland - my favourite is the aptly named Great Wood - or a national trust property like Dunster Castle, we're only a short drive away. However, Joe needs the car to get to work, so for five days a week these places are just out of reach. On these days, we try and make use of our garden, or the local play park facilities in our neighbourhood. 

Although Dylan would much rather play football, I'm more of a 'throw things at a stick' kind of girl, so I managed to get Dylan outside for quite a while playing this toss 'n' throw style game in the garden. In fact, he actually managed to beat my score by over 100 points, so maybe I need to learn how football works in order to actually win a game! 

Of course, being a nipper, most ventures outside - or inside for that matter - can result in a bump or a scrape. I used to hate getting plasters on as a child, and have vivid memories of my mam putting some sort of yellow disinfectant spray on any potential wounds , so when I saw that Elastoplast made Star Wars plasters, I knew I wouldn't have the same trouble with Dylan. They have a few different styles, so whether you're on the Dark Side or a Disney Princess kinda kid, there's a style to match. 

I think with kids, sometimes you need to calm yourself down first when you see them have a minor injury. The amount of times I've cooly asked Dylan if he's okay, for him to be fine, compared to the times I've panicked and rushed over with him then setting off the waterworks is astounding. These days, I know to walk over, give the scrape a quick look and go from there. Nine times out of ten, he'll be ready to play again within a few minutes. I always try and encourage Dylan to do the same activity again, too. So, if he fell of a swing, I'd try and get him back on it before we leave the park. Falling down is a part of childhood, and I think it's great to encourage curiosity and excitement while he's still young and pushing his limits. 

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast

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