Friday, 26 May 2017

5 Things You Can't Do With A Poorly Baby

We've been struck by illness this week, as Robin seems to have picked up some sort of bug that has completely unsettled him and knocked us all for six. Now, I don't know if it's because he's a baby or because he's a boy, but man - this kiddo is really putting on a show of being ill. I keep saying he has TinyManFlu, which doesn't go down well with Joe! Of course, it's always worse when your child is ill, and like any parent I wish I could be ill for him instead. Instead of feeling all sorts of woe for him, I thought I'd make this somewhat tongue-in-cheek post about all those things that get pushed to the back burner when you have a poorly babe. 

  • Tidying up. I'm sorry, dear family and potential house guests, but I have a clingy baby who hasn't let me do anything by myself for the entire day so those precious and very occasional five minutes of peace I get to myself are not being spent hoovering.
  • Dressing appropriately. I struggle to do this at the best of times when I'm not required to leave the house, but thanks to the aforementioned clingy baby also acting like my own personal hot water bottle, then a vest top is about the height of sophistication to me right now.
  • Leaving the house for leisure reasons. If I didn't have to pick Dylan up from school, I doubt I would leave the house at all when Robin is unwell. Everything just seems to be more of a slog when the little one is hot and bothered and actually doesn't want to be strapped into a pushchair for more than ten minutes.
  • Eating anything at the right temperature. When Robin's ill, he seems to set his little body clock to wake from any fleeting nap at the exact time I get comfy and can't wait to tuck into my lunch. Maybe he's really trying to teach me the skill of being able to work my way through a lasagne with only one free hand and a baby on my hip, but I can't say it's one I've ever dreamed of mastering.
  • Dedicate enough time to other family members. Poor Dylan has often been left to keep himself happy as I've slinked off upstairs to try and get Robin to nap in the quiet, and slightly cooler, bedroom. Joe's also been neglected when he gets home from work, as I'm often too exhausted from keeping everyone else happy that I'm asleep by 8:30pm. Heck, even Monty keeps giving me a side-eye when I don't offer him a hand to lick when I finally get to sit down with a quick cuppa. I'm sorry guys, try again next week!
That's the five things I promised, but I can definitely think of other tasks I've been avoiding unable to complete recently. Maybe all households get like this when there's an illness in the house, or maybe you're all somehow managing to get your stuff together and get on with it. If you fall into the latter then please share your tips! 

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