Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Robin's 6 Month Update

Okay, I may have accidentally stopped posting updates on Robin - I guess that's what happens when you get thrown into the dreaded 'four month sleep regression'. And, it continues a whole lot longer than one month, let me tell ya! I mean, I could lie and say that I intentionally stopped posting mostly updates after 3 months, as I wanted to continue posting 3-monthly updates, but that seems over complicated. Good way to fill up a paragraph though... 

Robin is now six months old, which seems really unreal. I guess I tell myself that technically he isn't as February was a short month, so he's only really six months and a few days, and not six months and a few weeks but still. He's come on so much since the last update, that I guess it makes sense he's six months old. 

Size - Feeding

We haven't been back to weigh him properly at a baby clinic, as they closed for a bit over Christmas (yes I know that was ages ago) and I just haven't bothered to check the new timetable to see when we can go. As I have to rely on Joe to drive me places on his days off, it seems like a royal waste of time to get Robin weighed when we could be doing something else. Sorry, Robin! As for feeding, he's now weaning, but we're having to do it in drips and drabs as we *still* don't have a highchair. I was hoping we could lend the one stored at Joe's parents, but it won't fit in our car, and they haven't dropped it over and it just goes on like that. I was intending on buying Robin a new one, but we have a holiday coming up soon so all our spare cash is going into paying that off and spending money. I'm sure Robin will thank me for delaying a proper weaning cycle over a holiday he can't remember when he's older... 


As I mentioned above, the sleep regression really hit us hard. I think it's mostly to do with baby teeth coming through - Robin now has two teeth!! - and he just wouldn't really sleep. Even now, he's sleeping better most nights but at least twice a week he won't settle and just cries/screams from 9pm until 2am. It's pretty heartbreaking as nothing seems to soothe him, but I'm hoping he'll get out of it soon. It really has a bad effect on me too, as after a couple of nights of waking up a lot, it'll make me wake up every evening at 2am, 3am, 4:30am etc for the next week or so even if Robin is sleeping. Joe made the mistake once of saying I looked tired and I was offended for about a week. You'd be tired too if you only had four broken hours of sleep! 


I don't really think he has changed so much, looks-wise. His head is a little fluffier as his hair is starting to grow on the top as well as around the back, which I'm quite pleased about. Dylan kept commenting that Robin had the same hairstyle as his grandad which went down well over Sunday dinner one week, ha! 


Two bottom teeth!

Babbling and enjoying a chat

Sitting up unaided

We started swimming in February and he loves splashing

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