Wednesday, 26 April 2017

A Room Redesign

Sofa from DFS - Vase from Zara - TV Stand from IKEA
Rug from Anthropologie - Chair from Maison Du Monde
Do you ever get stuck in a rut and just hate your surroundings? Perhaps hate is a bit strong, but lately I've just wanted to get rid of everything we own and start again. I've even been looking at hiring a skip, but it was a bit daunting so I quickly clicked off the various builder websites I'd found myself on. We live in rented accommodation so we can't really make any big changes to our space, but I've been dreaming of a few new bits and bobs to transform our living room. Ideally, I'd rip up our carpet and put down some lovely wood flooring, but for now I'll have to just keep that in the back of my mind. 

I really love mustard and grey together, I think it looks incredible stylish - even if it is a bit cliche now. I thought we could possibly get away with a three-seater couch and then two single mismatched chairs. We currently have a two-seater and a three-seater, and it feels a bit much when you're all sat on top of each other. I'd love a sort of snuggle seat that I could cuddle into and get lost in a good book, but I'm still searching for the perfect one!

The rug really pulls the sofa and the chair together, but my goodness it's expensive. I've never bought a rug before, so to be honest I don't really know how much they should be, but this still seems expensive. So pretty though. 

I can't really say too much about the TV stand and the vase to be honest. They just need to be practical, and now that Robin's getting to be a bit more mobile, we definitely need a TV stand with drawers. With kids and gadgets 'out of sight, out of mind' is definitely a mantra I live by. I can't tell you how many hours a week I must spend putting all of Joe's various chargers or xbox game cases away after Robin has been left alone with them for five seconds!

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