Monday, 20 February 2017

Things I Have Been Doing Instead Of Practicing My Theory Test

So, I have my theory test coming up in the not too distant future and when I booked it, I felt like I had buckets of time to get some practice tests in. I felt inspired - I actually paid £2.99 for an official driving theory test app thing. Of course, my inspiration has waned since booking and now with the test around the corner, I've realised that I've spent most of my free time not practising. I'm a gal that loves a list, so let's see what's been taking up my time instead. 
  • Watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. Luckily this has ended now, so I have a few more hours free...
  • Heading off to London for the day with the boys, and doing fun stuff with Becky
  • Writing this blog post *waves*
  • Going to a friends house for dinner one evening (who is actually also my driving instructor so if I fail I'm blaming that) 
  • Deciding (and then researching on Pinterest) that I need a capsule wardrobe
  • Meeting MPs as part of my role as a Women's Officer in my local political youth party. Check me out!
  • Trying to keep Dylan occupied during half term, usually with expensive lego bribes
  • Trying to tidy away all the mountains of lego even though it's half term and Dylan will just get it all out again
  • Looking at houses I want to buy with my nonexistent deposit and ready-to-go mortgage
  • Squidging Robin's cheeks and cuddling with him 
So, not a huge list, but all things that could probably wait - I'm sure you'll agree! Now I better head off and get some practice in before I wave my test fee money down the drain completely. If anyone has any tips for the clicky screen bit, let me know!

Update: you might be glad to know that I actually passed! Woo me! Clearly leaving your revision to the last minute is the way to go, ha!

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