Friday, 27 January 2017

Taking Time, Taking Stock

So I accidentally ended up taking some sort of break from blogging, which was totally unintentional. I wish I could say I took time away and achieved many great things, but in reality I've watched lots of Gilmore Girls, (unsuccessfully) pestered Joe to make pie and that's about it. Instead of wallowing in that, I thought I'd go down a tried and tested route and show my time away from the blog through the medium of verbs. 

Making: a mess, everywhere I go, much to Joe's delight.
Cooking: my midweek favourite, enchiladas!
Drinking: copious amounts of tea. Or at least half-cups, as keeping Robin occupied often means my tea ends up cold.
Reading: I just finished reading Cherry by Lindsey Rosin, a really fun YA mostly about friendship, but also about sex. It's pretty much a teenage girl version of American Pie. 

Wanting: some new clothes! I feel a bit like I wear the same 3 BF-friendly tops and all my jeans make me look frumpy. 
Looking: like a gothy bruise after accidentally dyeing my hair black and blue.
Playing: The Simpsons bloody tapped out, thanks to one of my friends casually mentioning it. I get weirdly obsessed with games like this. 
Wasting: time playing that silly game. I don't even watch The Simpsons anymore!

Fixing: up our windows, as it has been getting a bit wild with condensation recently. Adult life, ey?
Deciding: - or at least trying to decide - on what to do with my life after my maternity leave ends.
Wishing: I had a plan for what to do after my maternity leave ends!
Enjoying: the tiny amount of time Joe and I get together.

Waiting: for Dylan to go to bed so I can watch more Gilmore Girls, ha!
Liking: that tulips are back in season.
Wondering: if I'll manage to make a birthday cake for Joe's birthday tomorrow! eep!
Loving: the ten minutes of peace I get when Robin first goes into his bouncer - he quickly loses interest though!
Pondering: what photo I can use for my candidate photo, no pressure or anything. 
Considering: what I should have for tea - we have some pulled pork left but I should really eat something boring and healthy.
Watching: nothing currently, but Joe and I have finally started watching Fargo as we missed it when it was on TV and I'm loving it! 
Hoping: we can watch more Fargo tonight!
Marvelling: at how well Robin is doing - I can't believe I have a five month old baby!
Needing: a bath, I've got a pain in my back that only a relaxing bath can solve.
Smelling: like I need a bath, ha! 
Wearing: a stripy jumper and some tartan pyjama bottoms, going for comfort rather than style, clearly
Noticing: our fridge noticeboard needs updating. 
Knowing: that I should probably be really busy tomorrow but I'm not sure I'll be able to with no one to assist with the boys.
Thinking: about how I need to sort out the passport applications for the boys! Only nine weeks until we go on holiday, so it needs doing sooner rather than later!
Feeling: like I should be doing something important, but not sure what that is exactly at 7:54pm on a Friday... 
Admiring: a picture Joe sent me of the work he did yesterday - he helped his head chef at a fancy event and a local photographer got a really nice shot of them all. 
Buying: some of those no-nails picture hooks because I'm bloody sick of living in a house with no personality to it. 
Getting: an earful from Robin because I've dared to sit down with a cup of tea for five minutes. 
Bookmarking: various cake recipes to try out for Joe's birthday. Going to attempt Gem's individual cakes for the big day, and then Cathryn's Double Chocolate birthday loaf for the meal we're having on Sunday with the extended family. That Joe's a lucky chap. 
Opening: books and then remembering that I have no time to read books! I should be baking/feeding the kids/washing up etc etc etc until the end of time. 
Giggling: (and then denying that I'm giggling) at Dylan telling Robin the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. He keeps bellowing like Brian Blessed, hilarious! 
So there we have it, a few verbs to explain the goings-on around here. Kudos to you if you even managed to read this far! Maybe pick few and let me know how your week is going? 

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