Thursday, 22 December 2016

Robin's 3 Month Update

Okay, so a somewhat delayed monthly update for little Robin - he's closer to four months now than three, but I still wanted to pop this update on here so I can look back on it in years to come. Month three has been pretty standard going, with Robin become more aware of us as his eyesight improves and he's making all sorts of weird and wonderful noises now too! 

Size - Feeding

I guess Robin is following the usual pattern with his weight now, I had him weighed at 14 weeks (as I stupidly missed the health visitor visiting for his 12 week check and had to reschedule) and he's now tipping the scales at 17lb 1oz! I don't think he's put on as much weight as he could have, as we were both pretty ill recently, and he wasn't feeding as much for a week or so. He's well and truly in 3-6 month clothes, but I think because we use reusable nappies, 0-3 clothes were struggling to fit over his huge nappy! 


Just like Dylan, this kid loves a lie in! He's been a lot better than he was last month, so I'm glad that was just a little phase. No doubt we'll go through it again when the next growth spurt happens. He was sleeping a bit more than usual when he was under the weather, but that's to be expected. 


I shared a picture on instagram recently and almost everyone stated that he looks like Joe, and I have to say, I can really see it in that picture. It's so funny how people say a baby 'looks like' someone, when really they just look like themselves. I wish I had a baby picture of Joe at hand to compare them, though!


He's getting even better at resting on his arms and supporting himself. I'm not really sure when he's supposed to be rolling over or sitting up unaided, but he loves being rolled over and wedged into a corner to sit up so that's good! He's also started to properly grab hold of things, and you can see him trying to grasp something if its within reach. 

Things Robin Loves

Weird noises like rolling your r's, and cat noises... 
Dylan, even if he is talking like Darth Vader
having a chat 

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