Monday, 5 December 2016

5 Gift Ideas For The Book Lover In Your Life

I love receiving books as a gift - I think they can be quite personal and say a lot about the person gifting them to you, and what they think of you. Crikey, that's a bit of pressure, isn't it? Anyhoo, I love nothing more than picking up a good book and thinking 'yes, so and so would love this!' It's such a good feeling. Sure, at times I've been guilty of buying my loved ones books I would rather receive myself, but if you've got friends with similar tastes then this needn't be a worry. 

Prefers Halloween to Christmas? 
If your book fan is more likely to be hiding in darkness rather than under the mistletoe, then why not pick up the newly released The Nightmare Before Christmas book, written and illustrated by the genius himself Tim Burton? With never-before-seen illustrations, this is a must have for any Jack Skellington fan. 

Always dragging you to the nearest pop up foodie spots? 
I bought the Where Chefs Eat book for Joe last Christmas, as it really does list all the best places to eat in the UK. You can buy a world version, but I thought this cute UK edition would be better suited to us - but if you know someone who loves travelling then the world edition might suit them too! Or, if you've only eyes for Pizza, there's even a Where Chefs Eat Pizza edition! 

Got a fun and fashionable friend? 
Most readers started with The Tale of Peter Rabbit as a nipper, so these gorgeous editions with redesigned front covers from leading fashion designers will be ideal for your fashion-forward friend. With designers such as Orla Kiely and Henry Holland creating new covers, they give the much-loved classic tales a new twist that any book lover would be happy to see in their collection. 

Minimalist or not enough space to keep books?
Whether their house is bookless by design or if they simply cannot fit a bookshelf in their space, then why not try a Kindle? You can easily keep 10,000 books on there, and they're lighter than a traditional paperback - I've certainly seen the perks of having a Kindle in my life. Whether you choose a fancy Kindle Fire or the classic Kindle Paperwhite, there's certainly one out there for everyone. 

Fan of Margaret Atwood or Emily St. John Mandel? 
If you couldn't get enough of Atwood's Oryx and Crake series or St. John Mandel's Station Eleven then When The Floods Came by Clare Morrall could be the next best book you read. This is a startling vision of a possible not-too-distant flood-prone future and completely full of suspense which keeps you hooked as the story goes on.   

So there's a few new suggestions for your loved ones - or yourself, I won't tell! What books are you hoping to find under the tree this year? 

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