Friday, 4 November 2016

Robin's 2 Month Update

My little chunk is now two months old - it feels so surreal to say that, but he couldn't stay a tiny newborn for long. He's really becoming his own little character, and I've got to say that he certainly loves Dylan so much - his big brother always knows how to get the big smiles. Robin is overall a really happy chap, but we have had a few rough nights when nothing seemed to soothe him, which is heartbreaking more than anything else. I'm putting these down to a growth spurt, as he's certainly piling on the pounds. 

Size - Feeding
When the health visitor came for Robin's 6 week check, the first thing she said when she saw him was that he was really putting on weight well. I hadn't really thought about it too much, but he has put on 5lbs since birth and was 13lbs 7oz! At 8 weeks now, Robin is tipping the scales at 15lbs. As well as being weighty, I think Robin is quite a long baby, much like Dylan was, so I guess they have another thing in common! 


As I touched on above, Robin's sleep has been slightly more disruptive this month but I definitely think it will pass soon as he certainly loves his sleep! We have a *kind of* routine in that he'll have a bigger feed at around 11pm, and then another at around 1:30/2am. It's this feed which has been tricky, as he works himself up into a fuss and won't be soothed, but he eventually caves, has a guzzle, and after a burp and nappy change, he's back to sleep like nothing happened. 


Absolutely everyone thinks he looks a double of Dylan, and we have to agree! He's a little bit chubbier than Dylan was, but I just love stroking his cheeks and wobbly legs. His eye colour is still just 'dark' with a tint of brown, so I'm still not sure whether he'll inherit mine or Joe's like Dylan has. 


He's awake more during the day, which is both good and bad as he's still a clinger, but it means Joe and Dylan get to see him awake and interact with him more. He coos and 'talks' to us, which is simply adorable. 

Things Robin Loves

- 'standing' and having a nosy around
- tummy time
- giving me a mischievous look when he suddenly stops drinking and gets me covered! 

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