Thursday, 24 November 2016

Present Ideas from Wicked Uncle

With Christmas just around the corner, I always have loved ones asking what they should get Dylan - and now Robin - for the big day. Thanks to adverts on kids TV, Dylan would quite happily receive thousands of cheaply made, plastic monstrosities but I'd much rather he had something more creative that allows him to learn as well as play. 
This is when Wicked Uncle comes in and saves the day. They got in touch and wanted to know if we had a 'wicked uncle' who's a bit useless when it comes to buying presents for Dylan. As none of Joe's siblings have had children yet, they're all walking on unfamiliar territory when it comes to children's toys. I asked Joe's brother Jonny if he would like to use the Wicked Uncle website to select some toys for his nephew. A few days later, a little parcel came in the post addressed to Dylan and he was completely thrilled with Jonny's picks. 
Dylan received a Superhero mask maker and some build-it-yourself flying fighter planes. As Dylan is completely superhero-mad, the mask maker went down as a huge hit. Dylan loved creating his own mask, and of course wearing it when busy he's saving day! The flying fighter planes were also a huge hit as he was able to build them with Joe and they had lots of fun racing their planes. I was really happy with the gifts Jonny had chosen, as they kept Dylan occupied for ages and are something he comes to again and again to play with. 
I asked Jonny what he thought about Wicked Uncle and he thought their website was brilliant. You can select toys based on the child's age, or go one step further and narrow down the type of toy you need - something snuggly or something outdoorsy? Wicked Uncle sorts them all out and makes it a doddle! 
*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored a collaboration with Wicked Uncle. Content written by myself.

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