Saturday, 26 November 2016

Desperately Seeking Comfort*

When you first have a baby, you have so many things you need to think about. What sort of crib will they sleep in? What kind of nappies will you use? How will you feed them? I managed to successfully breastfeed Dylan for over a year, so I was quite hopeful I'd be able to do the same with Robin. I've actually had a much easier time with Robin than I did with Dylan - we had to stay in hospital for three days to establish feeding - but one thing I have noticed this time around is how much my back aches.

Just before I left work to go on maternity leave, our offices were being completely refurbished. Despite being the head office for a stylish department store, our floor hadn't been decorated since 2008! My chair was pretty uncomfortable for a regular person, let alone a big ol' pregnant lady so I had to find a mesh back support to give me some much needed relief. A nice, high-backed office chair from Furniture at Work would have been perfect for me! I'm actually looking forward to returning to work to see what the offices look like now.

Back at home, as much as I would love a cute nursery chair to feed Robin in, it just isn't practical in our little house. Instead, I'm trying to convince Joe that we should buy some new sofas as ours are way past their best. Thanks to years of Dylan jumping onto them, they are so uncomfortable and are not nice to sit in. I'm hoping the elusive DFS sale will continue after Christmas in time for me to persuade Joe! 
*Disclaimer: This post was a collaboration with Furniture at Work. Content written by myself.

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