Saturday, 1 October 2016

TMTW #15 - Baby Love, My Baby Love

Best bits? How well Dylan has started at school and getting to dress him up as Fantastic Mr Fox for Roald Dahl's 100th birthday, having Joe off for a week when Robin arrived, being able to throw Dylan a little birthday party so he didn't feel too left out with all the new baby attention. 

My favourite thing? Robin!

Any regrets? Not having a cleaner, ha! - your house suddenly becomes very messy when you've got a baby and a five year old to look after! 

What's in store for October? Hopefully some cooler weather, it's been so clammy and horrible, ugh! It's actually coming up to my 25th birthday, which I feel like should be some sort of milestone, but also not. Which is a bit weird. I haven't asked for anything, as I had really wanted to go up north for my birthday but Joe can't get the time off so hopefully my Dad is going to come down to visit this month and meet Robin! 
So September was basically a month of me staring at Robin, I didn't really do anything else. I expect October will be much more of the same, but you can't blame me. He's such a cutie!
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