Tuesday, 11 October 2016

O is for...

Oh wow! 
I couldn't think of anything really interesting for 'O' - I was originally going to go for opal as it's my birthstone... but that's where that anecdote begins and ends. Then, I bumbled along to 'organised' as I know it's a blogger fave, but to be honest I'm just not very organised. Part of me is trying to blame baby brain for making me easily distracted, but I think I've just always preferred doing something fun over doing the ironing. Instead, I'm going for 'oh wow!', as inspired by Friends, but instead of listing how totally fine I'm finding Joey and Rachel's relationship, I'm going to list a few things that have made me say oh wow in a happy, non-sarky way recently. 
- finally typing up a proper book review! I recently read Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All by Jonas Jonasson and popped a little review up. I'm hoping it's got me back into reading, my Goodreads challenge is still looking a bit patchy. 
- earning some pretty decent cashback online. I use a cashback website, and today after signing up for a new broadband package, I managed to get my total to £197.35! That's insane! I've only been using it since July, so I'm pretty chuffed with myself. The majority of it will be payable before Christmas so I'm hoping it will make a nice dent in the present buying. Or, y'know, I can buy myself something nice... online, of course ;)
- colder mornings. The days are still on the warmer side, but I am loving waking up to a bit of frost and really feeling the benefit of my morning cup of tea. 
- getting Joe to watch Parks & Recreation with me. I originally watched the show when it first aired, and poor Joe has often been subjected to references he just doesn't get. Now he's started watching it I can quote Jean Ralphio to my heart's content and I'm hoping we can start our own Treat Yo'self Day. 
- my dad confirming that they're coming down to visit at the end of the month! I'm super excited by this as I would have liked to go up North for my birthday but can't, so my dad coming down is the next best thing. 
I think I better stop it there before this becomes too boring a read! 

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