Saturday, 29 October 2016

Family, Friends and Feeling a Bit Blue

As a Northern living in Somerset, I think it goes without saying that my family live quite far away - over 300 miles away, in fact. When we moved away from home, as I was going to attend university, I didn't really think much of it, as people move away for uni all the time. I guess, the difference with me is that, at the time, Dylan had only just turned one year old. It was a hard decision to move my little family away from my extended family, but we felt like life down south would be the best option for us. 

Fast forward four years, and we're still in Somerset with a now five year old, and a shiny new baby in tow. I miss living up north a lot, as we can only really visit once, maybe twice a year if lucky and it's hard for my family to get down and visit too. Because of that, I feel like they're missing out on the boys, and I do feel quite guilty over this. But then, if we ever moved back up - something I'd love to do - then Joe's family would miss out too as they live in Somerset. It's a tricky thing, this family life business. 

Due to moving south for university, I guess I'm lucky that I now have friends all around the UK. I have friends that I miss from the north, and friends I made at university in the south - as well as extra friends I have made when working. I've also been fortunate enough to make friends out of blogging - such good friends that two of them invited me to their weddings! You can see Becky's and Leona's weddings by clicking their names. As great as it is to have friends in all of these places, my closest friend geographically, still lives at least an one-hour train journey away - this sucks. Due to Dylan being at school now, and with Robin needing bags and bags of stuff before we can set off anywhere, it's not really viable for me to be hopping onto trains and travelling the country. This leads to the 'feeling a bit blue' bit in the title. 

I spend the majority of the day by myself, with just a mostly-sleeping Robin for company. When I was pregnant, I thought it would be okay as I'd be able to go to all these mother and baby groups, but it would seem like there isn't a lot going on in the area where I live. Plus, anything decent that we do have in the area costs quite a lot, and let me tell you - maternity allowance is not the greatest cash cow to ever exist. I'm not entirely sure what the point of this post is, if not to just get this off my chest. I really am truly grateful to have two healthy little boys, I guess I'd just like some local friends too! 

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