Wednesday, 26 October 2016

30 Before 30

Around this time last year, I decided that I would challenge myself with 25 things to do before I turned 25. In true Chelsea fashion, I mostly forgot about this list, and ended up being preoccupied with pregnancy and now being a mam to two. I'm pretty ashamed to say that in the year, I managed to tick off one item - although really it's just half an item, and I visited Glasgow in January for Joe's birthday. 
As I've got five years to complete 30 things, I'm hoping that I'll give myself better odds on finishing off the entire list. So, in no real order here's my 30 things to complete!
(01) Give blood
(02) Complete a cross stitch
(03) Visit Paris
(04) Move back North
(05) Do my masters
(06) See a West End show
(07) Pass my driving test
(08) Create a capsule wardrobe
(09) Read 100 books
(10) Experience a tasting menu
(11) See the Northern Lights
(12) Take a course in hand lettering
(13) Attend a music festival
(14) Write a letter to Dylan and Robin
(15) Go to a karaoke bar
(16) Have a girls trip away somewhere
(17) Go to the Lake District
(18) Plant Tulips
(19) Read 10 books from 1991
(20) Clear my overdrafts so I can close one of my bank cards
(21) See The Smyths 
(22) See a Shakespeare play (preferably Othello)
(23) Eat in a Michelin starred restaurant
(24) Volunteer for my political party
(25) Ride a hot air balloon over Bristol or Bath
(26) Buy a leather jacket
(27) Visit a Lush Spa
(28) Go to a book festival
(29) Visit the British Library
(30) Do something amazing for my birthday! 
And there we have it! I don't think I'll do monthly updates or anything like that - maybe the odd update here and there if I actually manage to make any progress! Wish me luck :) 

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