Thursday, 29 September 2016

Robin's 1 Month Update

Robin is now 30 days old, and I honestly cannot believe it - where did my tiny newborn baby go? We've adjusted quite quickly into becoming a family of four, and Dylan has stepped up to the plate to be a big brother, I'm so proud of him. I thought I would post a monthly update on how Robin is progressing, as I always like reading these types of posts - hopefully you will enjoy them too! 

Size - Feeding

Robin was 8lbs 7oz when he was born - which is pretty hefty, but he was smaller than Dylan and was charting to be a much heavier baby so I was pretty relieved to have a slightly smaller bundle of joy to take home. As expected, his weight dropped a little by his 5 day check with the midwife, but he soon piled it on and more, getting to 9lbs 9oz at his 15 day check. Can't say I'm not feeding him well! 


Honestly, Joe and I were sort of dreading the whole lack of sleep thing. With Dylan now being 5, we wondered why we had chosen now to have a second child when Dylan's sleeping was now perfect and we were getting plenty of shut eye. Obviously, Robin doesn't have a strict bedtime, but we have fallen into some sort of routine and it's working well for us. He has a late nigh feed at around 1am (where I am usually absentmindedly watching some sort of boxset) and then wake again between 3am or 4am and then that's it until around 8am. It sounds horrific, but it's not bad at all!


I can't believe how alike Robin and Dylan are - you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if you looked at a baby photo of Dylan. Everyone says that Robin looks more like me and that he had my jaw/chin - and luckily for him, I've inherited my Desperate Dan chin from my Dad, poor kid! Robin has more hair than Dylan did - Dylan was practically bald until after his first birthday, but I'm fully expecting this to fall out, sob. Robin's eyes are very dark, none of this 'all babies are born with blue eyes nonsense' as his look almost black, but they are brown. I suspect he'll get Joe's dark brown eyes like Dylan has, rather than my hazel eyes.


Robin's becoming more alert each day, and his face really lights up when Joe, Dylan or myself talk to him. He's only just start showing us some 'real' smiles too - the first one going to Dylan, which was really special. He tries to hold his head up a little, but he's not a fan of tummy time just yet. 

Things Robin Loves

- Milk, clearly! 
- Cuddles, he's a bit of a clinger, but I don't mind.
- Bathtime. So far it's pretty boring, with just a natural sponge for company (despite how many times Dylan tries to add some toys for him) but he likes kicking his legs in the water, and loves having water splashed onto his tum. 
Happy 1 month, Robin!

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  1. What a little cutie pie! Congrats on your new addition! Mine are in third and sixth grade and I am missing that baby stage. It zoomed right on by.

  2. Thank you! I'm trying to take it all in, I can't believe a month has gone by already!

  3. He's such a little beauty! Happy everythings going smoothly for you all! :D xx


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