Tuesday, 2 August 2016

TMTW #13 - It's All So Quiet...

Best bits? It feels like so long ago now, but my dad visited! It was so great to see him, and Dylan really enjoyed our sort of camping trip too. 

My favourite thing? Leona only went and got married - I was really honoured when she invited me and the boys to her wedding, although I'm certain she only did it because she likes Dylan more than me. 

Any regrets? Not blogging or reading more! You might have saw my recent post about how far behind I am with my Goodreads challenge, but I've really not been helping myself. I guess I can blame a certain Pokemon app for that... 

What's in store for August? Well, hopefully a baby! We're also driving up North to attend a family wedding, sooo... feeling slightly insane for even considering a 6hr trip on the motorway at 38 weeks pregnant. What else? We have our anniversary on Sunday, and I'd also like to squeeze in as much time as possible with Dylan before his baby brother arrives - and before he starts school in September, sob! 

So July was a bit quiet, wasn't it? My apologies for that! I feel like I haven't really done a lot this month, but we've slowly been getting everything prepared for the baby's arrival so that's all good. I also went swimming with Dylan for the first time since he were a tiny baby, and it was actually lovely. It was so nice seeing his confidence grow as we were in the water, and I really hope we can continue going - it's a great way to break the time up over the weekend too! 

How was your July? 

Chelsea x

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