Monday, 15 August 2016

Have You Noticed The Change in Office Etiquette?

When I carried out my internship last summer, it was my first venture in to office life. I'd always worked in a customer-facing environment before that, so it was quite a culture shock to suddenly sit down at a desk for eight hours a day. To be honest, I had based most of my office knowledge on The Office, but luckily I haven't had to endure any David Brent characters, yet... 
When Calibre asked me to write about the changing behaviour of the office, I couldn't believe how recent some major changes had been! It seems insane to think that less than 10 years ago, people would smoke in the office. As a pregnant lady, I'm really glad that I didn't have to sit in a stuffy room with stale smoke affecting me and my baby! I didn't really think that drinking in the office was officially a 'thing' either, it just seemed like something Mad Men did to keep Jon Hamm looking suave as Don Draper. The office I work in is predominantly women-led so I could imagine wine sales going through the roof if we still had office-drinking in place today. Not sure how many calls we would answer, though.  
For me, I think the biggest and best thing to change as part of office etiquette is that people no longer tolerate sexism and things are slowly but surely becoming more equal. We still have a long way to go regarding equal pay, and issues like needing more women in higher roles, but I'm far happier to be working in an office in 2016 than I would have been working in 1986! The introduction of flexible working has been a great improvement for workers, as it means you're no longer chained to a desk for 9-5, or even that you could work longer some days to leave earlier on a Friday - a perk lots of my colleagues have taken advantage of. As a working mum, this is something I'm really thankful for, as it means I've been able to work around the school holiday and fit some time off when childcare might be becoming tricky! 
If you'd like to read more about even more changes in office etiquette, then make sure you click on the infographic below! Like I said earlier, it's really eye-opening how recent some of the changes actually are. 
Do you work in an office? What are your thoughts on office etiquette? 
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