Saturday, 2 July 2016

TMTW #12 - June Fools

Can you believe I've been posting The Month That Was for a whole year? That's pretty wild, isn't it? I've already sort of covered my best bits of June in my recent 5 Good Things post, but I'm not going to let that stop me. Today my Dad is coming down to visit and yesterday I hit the 32 weeks pregnant milestone, so that's pretty exciting. Not a bad start to July, anyhow! Before I get ahead of myself, here's how June went...

Best bits? Daniel Kitson, meeting Doris and plenty of good food! 

My favourite thing? Dylan received his first ever 'school' report from his childcare place, ready to pass on to the big school he starts in September - I know, hold me *sob* - and it was sooooooo adorable. He's in the 40-60+ section for all but two things, which my primary school teaching friends tell me is great news, and the report just glows with what a kind, funny and thoughtful chappy Dylan is becoming. 

Any regrets? Putting my trust in the country to do the right thing. 

What's in store for July? My dad is visiting! I'm fiiiiinally having my hair did, I get to hang out with Leona twice!! and another midwife appointment. I've also booked another Monday off work to spend some more time with Joe - as well as hopefully tackling the spare room as it hasn't changed in the slightest since we tidied it in May... whoops! 

How has your month been?

Chelsea x

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