Monday, 11 July 2016

45 Days and Counting...

I'm pretty much freaking out on a daily basis that I've only got 45 days to go until my due date. Of course, that's not to say I'll have a baby in 45 days - Dylan made an appearance the day after his due date, but people often go two weeks overdue before being induced. But, for the sake of doing a countdown to freak myself out with, we have 45 days. That's not really a long time at all, is it? It also seems to have conspired that the next 45 days will the busiest days of my life. I wish I were joking, but take a look at my to-do list... 
  • swap the bedrooms around so Dylan and the baby can share a room (when big enough)
  • buy a smaller bed frame for our bed (it has weird wooden panels that take up loads of space) so we can fit a crib in our room
  • buy a crib/moses basket
  • build the cot (or buy a new one if we've lost the screws)
  • buy more baby clothes and bits & bobs - baby bath, baby chair toys etc
  • buy a present from the baby for Dylan 
  • buy a dress to wear to two weddings
  • attend two weddings
  • travel up North for a week to attend one of the weddings
  • celebrate our anniversary (lolz!)
  • buy school clothes for Dylan 
And probably a thousand other things I've forgotten. Did I mention that I don't go on maternity leave until 11th August? That basically gives us 15 days until the due date - and five days of that is spent up North. I'm not really oozing with enthusiasm right now, let me tell ya. But, I'm sure we'll manage somehow, and hopefully by the time the baby is here I'll be too exhausted to worry about small things like this - ha, the dream! - and just focusing on being a good mama to two. 

Does anyone else feel like time is against them? Do you think I'll get everything ticked off?

Chelsea x

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