Monday, 18 July 2016

The 'Save The Goodreads Challenge' TBR

I feel like I'm being maybe a biiiit optimistic in giving myself a TBR list, but I'm really failing with my reading goal this year. Apparently, I'm 7 books behind schedule, which is really naff. Last year I managed to beat my target by 6 books, so I guess technically I'm only 1 book behind schedule, right? Right? I'm just going to tell myself that's how it works. 
I recently joined the Kindle crew, after years of having it drilled into me that *real* books are best during my degree, and I'm so glad I did. As much as I love buying books and adoring all the beautiful cover designs - a Kindle is just a million times easier to chuck in my bag and not feel weighed down by a hardback or an 800 page epic. I do find I need to keep myself away from the Kindle bargains, as I do already have 10 or so ebooks I haven't started, as well as a sizeable amount of physical books in my TBR shelves. 
I've picked out three physical books to read to save the ol' Goodreads challenge, and they are The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews and Asking For It by Louise O'Neill - the latter I forgot to photograph, doy. Asking For It is actually a lend from the library, so I should probably start that one first, and I'm hoping to head to Bath to see the author give a talk so yeah, need to read it. 
My Kindle TBR picks include It's Not Me It's You by Mhari McFarlane, Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All by Jonas Jonasson, The Muse by Jessie Burton, and The Yellow Room by Jess Valance. A good mix of books there, I'd say. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I think I'll enjoy all of these titles - I remember the publicity trail for It's Not Me It's You sparking my interest when it was first published, and I already know I enjoy Jonasson's style of writing. Jessie Burton's sophomore title has been hotly anticipated since the release of The Miniaturist and I'm already hearing good things about The Muse. I haven't read anything by Jess Valance before, but The Yellow Room is already getting 4.3 star reviews, which is pretty good going, and I love a gripping YA novel.
So, there we have it. Seven titles to get me back on schedule somewhat, and hopefully getting me out of this reading slump I seem to have found myself in. If you're on Goodreads, let's be friends and you can keep an eye on my reading progress too! 
What are you reading? Anything you'd recommend for my growing TBR pile? 
Chelsea x
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Monday, 11 July 2016

45 Days and Counting...

I'm pretty much freaking out on a daily basis that I've only got 45 days to go until my due date. Of course, that's not to say I'll have a baby in 45 days - Dylan made an appearance the day after his due date, but people often go two weeks overdue before being induced. But, for the sake of doing a countdown to freak myself out with, we have 45 days. That's not really a long time at all, is it? It also seems to have conspired that the next 45 days will the busiest days of my life. I wish I were joking, but take a look at my to-do list... 
  • swap the bedrooms around so Dylan and the baby can share a room (when big enough)
  • buy a smaller bed frame for our bed (it has weird wooden panels that take up loads of space) so we can fit a crib in our room
  • buy a crib/moses basket
  • build the cot (or buy a new one if we've lost the screws)
  • buy more baby clothes and bits & bobs - baby bath, baby chair toys etc
  • buy a present from the baby for Dylan 
  • buy a dress to wear to two weddings
  • attend two weddings
  • travel up North for a week to attend one of the weddings
  • celebrate our anniversary (lolz!)
  • buy school clothes for Dylan 
And probably a thousand other things I've forgotten. Did I mention that I don't go on maternity leave until 11th August? That basically gives us 15 days until the due date - and five days of that is spent up North. I'm not really oozing with enthusiasm right now, let me tell ya. But, I'm sure we'll manage somehow, and hopefully by the time the baby is here I'll be too exhausted to worry about small things like this - ha, the dream! - and just focusing on being a good mama to two. 

Does anyone else feel like time is against them? Do you think I'll get everything ticked off?

Chelsea x

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Saturday, 2 July 2016

TMTW #12 - June Fools

Can you believe I've been posting The Month That Was for a whole year? That's pretty wild, isn't it? I've already sort of covered my best bits of June in my recent 5 Good Things post, but I'm not going to let that stop me. Today my Dad is coming down to visit and yesterday I hit the 32 weeks pregnant milestone, so that's pretty exciting. Not a bad start to July, anyhow! Before I get ahead of myself, here's how June went...

Best bits? Daniel Kitson, meeting Doris and plenty of good food! 

My favourite thing? Dylan received his first ever 'school' report from his childcare place, ready to pass on to the big school he starts in September - I know, hold me *sob* - and it was sooooooo adorable. He's in the 40-60+ section for all but two things, which my primary school teaching friends tell me is great news, and the report just glows with what a kind, funny and thoughtful chappy Dylan is becoming. 

Any regrets? Putting my trust in the country to do the right thing. 

What's in store for July? My dad is visiting! I'm fiiiiinally having my hair did, I get to hang out with Leona twice!! and another midwife appointment. I've also booked another Monday off work to spend some more time with Joe - as well as hopefully tackling the spare room as it hasn't changed in the slightest since we tidied it in May... whoops! 

How has your month been?

Chelsea x

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