Monday, 6 June 2016

TMTW #11 - Just Another Manic May Day..?

Really stretching my creativity with some of these post titles, so I apologise for the above! 

Best bits? May was pretty great, actually. I went to see Busted with Leona and Zoe, we went to London Zoo for the first bank holiday, saw Manic Street Preachers in Swansea and had a BBQ with friends as May actually started showing some decent weather. 

My favourite thing? Getting to spend some extra time with Joe and Dylan as I'd booked the day off work and we had two bank holiday Monday's together! We sorted through loads of boxes under Dylan's bed (not my favourite thing to do) and sorted through some clothes to give to charity. 

Any regrets? Um, nothing jumps out. My skin has been really bad this month so I desperately need to start eating a bit better, damn hormones messing everything up! 

What's in store for June? June is actually pretty quiet in comparison! I've got another midwife appointment next week, and then we're going to see Daniel Kitson in Bristol near the end of the month. My Dad has mentioned that he might drive down for a weekend, which would be lovely! 
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