Friday, 3 June 2016

Dylan Reads #1

There's no secret here that I love all things books - I even based my degree around them - so it's probably not a shock to discover that I've shared my love of reading with Dylan. There's nothing sweeter than curling up together before bedtime and reading a new story together or an old favourite. Although this is something I always make time for - even after an exhausting day - I'm trying to be more conscious of making extra time to be together before the baby arrives. Dylan will start school in September - don't ask me how - so I'm trying to make sure that these big changes go as smoothly as possible, and reading together it just one way I'm attempting that. 
Dylan loves a story before bed, but to him any time is prime for reading - it could be once we get home from childcare, or halfway through a Saturday afternoon and he'll pick up a collection, and decide it's time for a story. And I love that. I really hope he never grows out of his love for stories. My favourite story we've currently got in line up is The Bumblebear* because, I mean, look how cute he is?! I love that little bear in his little bee costume with his little pink nose. I think Dylan's favourite at the moment is a tie between Don't Call Me Sweet! because it has monsters in it and The Story of Alison Hubble* because clearly my love of Allan Ahlberg has rubbed off on him! If you grew up reading The Jolly Postman, then please do give this book a read - it's so funny! Dylan enjoys counting all of the Alison Hubbles who have sprouted out, so not only is this super educational but it means that the book reading can go on for hours. Come to think of it, maybe that's Dylan's genius plan to stay awake for longer at bedtime... 

Any picture books caught your eye recently? Are you a big Ahlberg fan? 

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*some items have been sent for consideration, but all words and thoughts my own - we love these books!*

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