Monday, 2 May 2016

TMTW #10 - April Showers, Hail, Snow and Sunshine

I need to stop using that filter...
Best bit? Definitely having my second scan and finding out all is well with baby no.2!

My favourite thing? Dylan's reveal video, seeing Mamma Mia! with Zoe and already planning on booking the next thousand shows, and going through stage 2 of going blonde! One day I'll have the perfect hair, and you will not stop hearing about it!

Any regrets? I've made a few purchases recently that I am not entirely happy about. I bought some new trainers and they've already started falling apart, and I placed an order for some much needed maternity clothes and they still haven't arrived. But that's all pretty small stuff to regret, right? So I don't think I've been doing too badly this month.

What's in store for May? What isn't? We're off to London today to make use of the bank holiday - and no doubt regret it immediately with the crowds - and I'm off to see Busted with Leona which I am SO excited about. I've booked an extra day off work to just hang out with Joe and Dylan, and all in all it's feeling like a good month. 

Cor, April was a bit of an odd one, wasn't it? With the ever-changing weather forecast meaning that I was more often than not wearing something inappropriate, it was a bit of a struggle to try and cull my 'winter wardrobe' in favour of some cute spring picks. Somehow, I managed to get through the month and it's been a pretty fun one, to be honest! We found out the baby's gender, I had my hair did, Beyoncé dropped the greatest shade album of all time and I spent some quality time with my bestie Zoe. Not bad, April, not bad at all! 

Chelsea xo

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