Monday, 23 May 2016

Shucks, Kids Do The Darnedest Things!

When you become a parent, there are some things nobody warns you about. Everyone tells you the same thing - nap when they do, make sure you put on the washing machine or hoover when they're little so the sound doesn't wake them - things like that. What you're never told is when they're old enough to toddle about, they will put random objects down the toilet. Luckily, when Dylan was a wee toddler getting to grips with being a mischievous so and so, we didn't have a downstairs loo for him to plunge toys and the like down. However, he has recently got into the habit of dropping a Ninja Turtle or two down the toilet - I guess they do live in the sewer, but that isn't the point. 

And it seems I'm not alone in discovering this, as research has shown that toys equate to 17% of 'things parents find in the toilet'. But it's not just the kids who are up to no good, and damaging the pipes - nope, adults are guilty of flushing wet wipes down the toilet which leads to blockages - which United Utilities tackling up to 25,000 a year - and that costs nearly £10 million to fix! The sad truth is, is that even wet wipes that claim to be flushable are causing damage and getting stuck in the pipes. 
So what can you do to help? Well, it's quite easy really - don't flush your wipes! Be it make up wipes, baby wet wipes or even sink cleaning wipes, make sure you pop them in the bin instead. Not only will this save you from the average call out fee of £99, but it will help the environment and your plumbing. That's not a bad thing, ey? If you'd like to know more, check out this helpful website so you can think before you flush! It has everything you need from a Flush or Bin game to a handy parent pack to download and more information than you can shake a stick at! 

Are you guilty of flushing wipes down the loo? Has your little one put something odd down there? 

Chelsea x

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*post in collaboration with United Utilities, but all thoughts and toilet disasters my own* 

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