Saturday, 21 May 2016

N is for...


So apparently my last A-Z post was waaaay back in November. Pretty shameful, considering it was meant to be a frequent series on this ol' blog. However, hopefully you're all familiar with the A-Z posts, but if not - I'm going to tell you all about the N of me - Nintendo! 

I've always loved playing on Nintendo consoles, be it my first ever Gameboy, to family fun on the Wii, back to my super shiny and new 2DS. I recently bought myself the 2DS as it's a special Pokemon Yellow edition, and I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I've been without a DS for a while but I've always enjoyed the games available more than anything on the xbox or whatever. Apart from Pokemon, other great games include the Professor Layton series, Animal Crossing and who doesn't love those Nintendogs? 

As I've never really been a big fan of shoot 'ems or racer games, this sort of console has always appealed to me. Sure, they have those sorts of games - but the majority of them are a little bit cute, a little bit fun and just what I need! 

Are you a Nintendo fan? What's your favourite game? 

Chelsea x

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