Monday, 23 May 2016

Shucks, Kids Do The Darnedest Things!

When you become a parent, there are some things nobody warns you about. Everyone tells you the same thing - nap when they do, make sure you put on the washing machine or hoover when they're little so the sound doesn't wake them - things like that. What you're never told is when they're old enough to toddle about, they will put random objects down the toilet. Luckily, when Dylan was a wee toddler getting to grips with being a mischievous so and so, we didn't have a downstairs loo for him to plunge toys and the like down. However, he has recently got into the habit of dropping a Ninja Turtle or two down the toilet - I guess they do live in the sewer, but that isn't the point. 

And it seems I'm not alone in discovering this, as research has shown that toys equate to 17% of 'things parents find in the toilet'. But it's not just the kids who are up to no good, and damaging the pipes - nope, adults are guilty of flushing wet wipes down the toilet which leads to blockages - which United Utilities tackling up to 25,000 a year - and that costs nearly £10 million to fix! The sad truth is, is that even wet wipes that claim to be flushable are causing damage and getting stuck in the pipes. 
So what can you do to help? Well, it's quite easy really - don't flush your wipes! Be it make up wipes, baby wet wipes or even sink cleaning wipes, make sure you pop them in the bin instead. Not only will this save you from the average call out fee of £99, but it will help the environment and your plumbing. That's not a bad thing, ey? If you'd like to know more, check out this helpful website so you can think before you flush! It has everything you need from a Flush or Bin game to a handy parent pack to download and more information than you can shake a stick at! 

Are you guilty of flushing wipes down the loo? Has your little one put something odd down there? 

Chelsea x

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*post in collaboration with United Utilities, but all thoughts and toilet disasters my own* 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

N is for...


So apparently my last A-Z post was waaaay back in November. Pretty shameful, considering it was meant to be a frequent series on this ol' blog. However, hopefully you're all familiar with the A-Z posts, but if not - I'm going to tell you all about the N of me - Nintendo! 

I've always loved playing on Nintendo consoles, be it my first ever Gameboy, to family fun on the Wii, back to my super shiny and new 2DS. I recently bought myself the 2DS as it's a special Pokemon Yellow edition, and I just fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I've been without a DS for a while but I've always enjoyed the games available more than anything on the xbox or whatever. Apart from Pokemon, other great games include the Professor Layton series, Animal Crossing and who doesn't love those Nintendogs? 

As I've never really been a big fan of shoot 'ems or racer games, this sort of console has always appealed to me. Sure, they have those sorts of games - but the majority of them are a little bit cute, a little bit fun and just what I need! 

Are you a Nintendo fan? What's your favourite game? 

Chelsea x

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Favourite Gig Experience

I've seen a quote floating around on the internet about how most people these days would rather spend their money on an experience than on physical items, and I am definitely in that camp. I love nothing more than surprising Joe (or any loved one for that matter) with a well thought out experience that I know will add another level of richness to their life. This month, I'm lucky enough to have two exciting experiences to look forward to, and they're both music related. 
First off, I'm going to see my beloved Busted with my beloved Leona! After seeing McBusted with her twice, the second the gigs were announced, we knew we'd be going to see Busted. I can still remember the sad, dark day when Busted announced their split and sadly I had never had the chance to see them live when I was a teen. In a way, I'm kind of glad I never got to see them as without that me and Leona might have never became true boos and decided that we should meet each other for the first time at a McBusted gig! 
My second exciting gig experience is seeing Manic Street Preachers perform Everything Must Go at Swansea's Liberty Stadium. This was actually one of those surprises I mentioned for Joe, as they're easily his favourite band. We've seen them quite a few times live now and they never disappoint and Everything Must Go is one of my favourite Manics' albums so I'm pretty excited that I managed to get us both a ticket! We last saw them at Cardiff Castle, which has to be one my favourite gigs we've been to as the atmosphere was just incredible, and you just can't beat an outdoor gig when the weather is nice. 
One person I would love to see live would be The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen so you can imagine how gutted I was to hear that Chill Home Insurance were offering people the chance to win tickets! If I'd have won, I would have taken my ol' papa as I can remember The Boss being the soundtrack to many a car journey when I was a nipper, and just singing along to Born In The USA or Dancing In The Dark have always stuck in my mind. Of course, another band I would have loved to see would have The Smiths, but I think it's safe to say they won't be rebanding any time soon. I have managed to see Morrissey live twice now, so I guess I can't grumble too much! 
What's your favourite gig experience? Who would you love to see? 
Chelsea x
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*post in collaboration with brand - all thoughts my own*

Sunday, 15 May 2016

I am...

I've got to be honest with you, most of my blog posts are formed after a sudden burst of inspiration from reading other blogs. I mean, I'm telling you guys it's inspiration, but I'm actually a pretty good ideas thief and pretty nifty with a thesaurus so you'd never know the difference anyway. Wait, what was the point of this post? Oh yes, because I somehow ended up on a post on Michelle's blog from way back in September 2014. I've actually already created a post like this, but I enjoyed re-reading Michelle's so much it re-inspired me to pinch it. So without further ado, let's see what I am, I am not and what I am trying to be. 

I am... a fan of black and white

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Busy or Tired?

The thing with being pregnant is that you always feel tired, or at least that's how I've found it the second time around. I've always had an on/off relationship with sleep anyways, so adding into the mix a small mound of cells zapping all of my energy and throwing my hormones into a bushfire - I think it's only expected that I'm feeling whipped on a regular basis, even after bringing my bedtime forward to 9:30! 

For the May Day bank holiday, we headed off to London to go London Zoo and have a bit of a shop around. Normally, this would have been super exciting but I was filled with a tiny bit of dread - London on bank holiday Monday, when 23 weeks pregnant? Surely that was a bad idea, right? The hustle and bustle of the crowds, thousands of families with the exact same plans for the day, grumpy toddlers/adults... Thankfully, the weather predicted rain so it wasn't too busy and it only ended up raining for around 10 minutes or so which was an added bonus. We ended up having a really fun family day out, and I'm really glad we managed to do something a bit spontaneous as a family of three. 

Of course, not every day is a bank holiday zoo trip but it seems to me that it's the normal days that tire me out the most. With working 9-5, commuting, looking after Dylan after work and then any extra activities we have planned, I'm really trying to be more conscious of taking time out for myself. I've got a dreaded blood test appointment next week, so I've decided to take the whole day off work so I don't have to stress about getting back to work afterwards and I'm actually kind of looking forward to it. Not the giving blood bit, obviously. That bit can pipe down, but the 'time to myself' thing is very appealing. I might even squeeze in a nap if I'm lucky. 

The downside to being pregnant, if you can call it that, is that you seriously need to limit your caffeine intake. This means I can't have a fancy latte when I pop into town, as I'm already limited to two cups of tea a day - and of course it isn't just coffee and tea that contain caffeine but chocolate and fizzy pop like my beloved Cherry Coke. If you've got any tips for bringing up the energy levels, then definitely send them my way - I need all the help I can get! 

Chelsea xo

Monday, 2 May 2016

TMTW #10 - April Showers, Hail, Snow and Sunshine

I need to stop using that filter...
Best bit? Definitely having my second scan and finding out all is well with baby no.2!

My favourite thing? Dylan's reveal video, seeing Mamma Mia! with Zoe and already planning on booking the next thousand shows, and going through stage 2 of going blonde! One day I'll have the perfect hair, and you will not stop hearing about it!

Any regrets? I've made a few purchases recently that I am not entirely happy about. I bought some new trainers and they've already started falling apart, and I placed an order for some much needed maternity clothes and they still haven't arrived. But that's all pretty small stuff to regret, right? So I don't think I've been doing too badly this month.

What's in store for May? What isn't? We're off to London today to make use of the bank holiday - and no doubt regret it immediately with the crowds - and I'm off to see Busted with Leona which I am SO excited about. I've booked an extra day off work to just hang out with Joe and Dylan, and all in all it's feeling like a good month. 

Cor, April was a bit of an odd one, wasn't it? With the ever-changing weather forecast meaning that I was more often than not wearing something inappropriate, it was a bit of a struggle to try and cull my 'winter wardrobe' in favour of some cute spring picks. Somehow, I managed to get through the month and it's been a pretty fun one, to be honest! We found out the baby's gender, I had my hair did, Beyoncé dropped the greatest shade album of all time and I spent some quality time with my bestie Zoe. Not bad, April, not bad at all! 

Chelsea xo
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