Saturday, 2 April 2016

TMTW #9 - Marchin' On

Best bit? Well, what wasn't a best bit of March? I started a new job, shared some news, dyed my hair and all sorts of other things!

My favourite thing? Is it bad if I say getting paid? It was SO nice to finally have a wage coming in and being able to start saving a bit of money again.

Any regrets? Not getting a flu jab when I was offered one. I have been plagued by illness in March - toothache, earache and now some sort of cold/flu. If I'd taken the jab then at least I wouldn't be so bad. I did finally manage to get to the dentist after they cancelled on me twice, so that's good. 

What's in store for April? I've got the exciting scan this month, which I really cannot wait for! I'm also hoping to relaunch that vlog I keep harping on about, but I'm currently going through a crappy skin stage, so I'm waiting for that to improve. Pray for me. 

I can't be the only one who's slightly surprised at how it's suddenly April, right? March completely flew over for me, but I think that was bound to happen with how busy I've been! Starting a full-time job doesn't half take it out of you when you've been used to an ad-hoc retail job like I'd been doing. I've been going to bed super early, and waking up early, and still feeling tired so if y'all have any tips for feeling more alive - let me know! 

How was your March? 

Chelsea xo

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