Friday, 4 March 2016

TMTW #8 - A Quiet February

Best bit? I really enjoyed spending time with Dylan during half term, and also spending loads of time with family this month. Joe's brother came over to visit from London and it's always a laugh when he's about. 

My Favourite thing? Err, I can't really think of anything? I did treat myself to an early Mother's Day present, but it hasn't arrived yet, sob! 

Any regrets? I forgot to fill in a job application for a role in Lush, which would have been amazing so I'm quite annoyed with myself for that. I'm in need of some more bath bombs too!

What's in store for next month? Well, my awesome Mother's Day present should arrive soon, aaand I'm finally getting my hair dyed. I'm really excited to show it off, if all goes to plan! 

So February was pretty quiet, really! I did manage to finally buy some tulip bulbs to start growing my own, which is canny exciting. The deadline for my 101 in 1001 challenge is creeping up on me, so I'll really need to get my act together this month! 

How was your February? Anything to look forward to in March?

Chelsea xo

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