Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The 'stuff I don't really need but would like anyway' Wish List

I feel like most wish lists I feature on here tend to have a purpose. Well, maybe not a 'purpose' exactly, but they centre around an event, like my birthday or Christmas or heck, even Mother's Day. Today I've decided to pop up a wish list simply because I really want the stuff included. Although I'm feeling flush with cash thanks to starting a new job recently, I feel like I can't indulge (too much) into fancy things because we have some big baby-related purchases to think about in the near future. And I also really want a new bed and apparently that's more important than buying myself another necklace. Apparently. Anyhoo, as I'm a big believer that sharing is caring, I thought I would show y'all what has caught my eye on the off chance that you buy it and I can live vicariously through you. That's the spirit, right?

necklace - purse - shoes - top - nintendo 2DS case - dungarees

Oh, beautiful Wolf & Moon necklace, let me count the ways in which I love thee. I already have a few pieces from previous Wolf & Moon collections, and this stunning marble necklace immediately caught my eye. I've featured the light blue colour-way but the mint or apricot styles would also be welcome additions to my small selection. I think the rope 'chain' is a really genius idea, and I just love the way it looks. Ah, dreamy. 

I've been wanting a new purse for quite a while, but I always really hate buying them. Why? Because I'd rather have the money in a purse, then use it to buy a purse. I'm sure there's logic there. This J by Jasper Conran light pink purse looks really cute, and would definitely look far better in my handbag than the weird tatty-looking purse I have now. My only reservation with this purse, is that I can't see any dimensions online so I'm worried this is actually a tiny purse, and I really need a bigger one. Still, it's pretty and it makes the wish list. Haters gon' hate. 

Okay, time for probably the most controversial items on my list - these Crocs Kadee shoes. Before you call me crazy, I've been looking for super comfortable shoes for work/walking in and after Becky mentioned her love for Crocs, I knew I had to at least look into them. I honestly think they look quite cute, and that unless someone also owned them, you wouldn't know they were Crocs. I'm also thinking about these striped floral shoes for a more 'fun' option, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I end up with at least one pair of Crocs in my life. 

I'm getting a bit of a bump now, so I think I need to stop trying to squeeze myself into my normal clothes, and invest in a maternity top or two. I think one like this would work in the office or on the weekend - see, even when I don't want to spend money, I'm thinking of the wise investment pieces.  This top is from H&M and to be honest I'm really struggling to find some nice maternity wear. If you have a pregnant lady in your life, can you ask where their clothes are from? Because I'm hitting a brick wall at times. I'm also going to mention the ADORABLE Peter Rabbit dungarees in this little paragraph, because this post is getting a bit excessive. I think this is glorious and I would probably consider buying it even if not pregnant, because Peter Rabbit was my first ever bookish friend. As it's all grey, it's also gender neutral, so don't get thinking this is a hint about my future offspring. Aw man, look at those whiskers! Honestly, I'm just gushing at this entire range. Someone take away my debit card! 

Lastly, because I'm a loser I've included this 2DS case. I recently bought myself a special edition Pokemon Yellow Pikachu 2DS - hence the withholding money situation I currently find myself in - and I don't have a carry case for it, which keeps me on edge at most times throughout the day. Ideally, I'd have a yellow one to match my 2DS but it apparently doesn't exist and this one is £3 so... Red it is! And there we have it, the last item on my list and probably the one most likely to be purchased before my next pay day. 

Did anything catch your eye? Do you hate me for expressing my Croc love?

Chelsea xo

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