Monday, 21 March 2016

Hey Duggee! Follow That Egg blog tour

I'm very excited to have a Hey Duggee story as my very first blog tour. Dylan is a huge fan of the books and the TV series, so Duggee is practically like family these days - with Dylan longing to be a part of the Squirrel Club! The latest book in the collection is 'Follow That Egg!' and it's perfectly timed spring release means that we were asked to get cracking with an eggcellent task...

We were asked to create some egg friends and I don't think we did a bad job at all! We picked two Hey Duggee characters as I didn't have any black paint to make a Batman egg (sorry Dylan!) and we were both as proud as punch with our new pals. In fact, I think I'm slightly hooked on egg decorating and might need to attempt some crazy intricate designs soon. Or another brightly covered pal, who knows?

When the Squirrel Club see that Duggee is watching the hens, they see a chicken with three eggs ready to hatch. One chick, two chick... but the third egg has other ideas! Dylan found this story absolutely hilarious, as one little egg goes on the great eggscape and the Squirrel's have to follow that egg so that they can return him to his mum! Dylan was especially impressed with the Massive Bird and her chick - he looks so fluffy!

The 'Follow That Egg!' story is a really great book to add into Dylan's collection. Hey Duggee books are always brightly coloured, easy to follow and super fun to read. My favourite thing about Hey Duggee books is that Dylan would rather tell me the story - and add some dodgy egg-bouncing sound effects - and it really gets those creative nodes going. 

We'd like to give a big thank you to Duggee and his friends from Ladybird for sending us a copy of Follow That Egg as well as some eggciting crafty goods to make our own egg friends. 

Chelsea xo

*all thoughts and eggy friends our own*

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