Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Somerset Driving Woes

For someone who doesn't drive, I don't have a lot of luck with cars. I've been in numerous (minor) car accidents and it's taking me far longer than I ever anticipated to pass my stupid test. I look back at foolish 17 year old Chelsea for not taking up my Dad's offers of driving lessons, as I would have been on the road by now. I guess learning at 24 isn't wholly uncommon, and it's better late than never, right? I've had to put my lessons on hold currently, due to my instructor being ever so rude and changing occupation! 

I actually like driving during my lessons - which definitely came as a surprise to me, as I'd never had any desire to drive before. My driving instructor is a family friend so we'd have a little coffee break halfway through and discuss odds and ends for ten minutes or so. I think this definitely helped the longer lessons from feeling like a slog. As I was learning in Somerset, I started driving in my town to get used to it at first, and then moved to a bigger town once I became more confident. The bigger town is also where the test centre is, so we would go through various test routes and the like. Somerset is a mixed bag for learning to drive, as it has loads of country roads that are often occupied by tractors or 'Sunday driver' types having a cruise along at 20mph in a 60mph stretch.

Me, in Somerset
One of my most memorable lessons is also one of my least favourite. We were driving through the town centre and there was a bit of a gap between my car and the car in front, which was fine. We were approaching a zebra crossing and there were pedestrians on either side of the road so I started slowing down and checked to see if anyone would cross - no one did. I started to pick up the speed a little when a man who had walked beyond the zebra crossing decided he would then cross the main road, only feet away from me. I slammed my foot on the breaks and did an emergency stop - my first! - and thankfully stopped with plenty of room. The guy didn't even look behind him. My instructed assured me that I wasn't at fault, and that my emergency stop was quite impressive, but it still knocked my confidence. My instructed had told me at the start of the lesson how the car had recently passed it's MOT so I'm really thankful that things like the break pads and the tyres were in tip top condition. 

Even though I don't drive our car, I'm always nagging at Joe to book the car in for a service or for an MOT the moment it gets close to running out. Things like broken lights and defective tyres can result in huge fines up to £2,500 and even points on your licence so it really isn't worth the risk. Point S tyre dealers in Somerset are great for all tyre related needs, as they have reliable brands such as Michelin & Continental, depots up and down the country and loads of information for car novices like me! 

Do you have any car stories to share? Any driving lesson tips? 

Chelsea xo

*in collaboration with Point S*

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