Friday, 19 February 2016

My Brit Award Predictions

I would go ahead and say I'm a big music fan. Granted, I'm more interested in early 00s pop or Morrissey than the music currently being played on Radio 1, but still a fan nonetheless. As the Brit Awards should showcase all the greatest music in the UK and a token nod to international stars, I thought it would be fun along to check out the nominations and predict the winner for British Artist Video. So, let's see who gets my vote! 

British Artist Video

I quite like King by Years & Years, and the video is quite entertaining too. Who doesn't like a bit of interpretive dance? This is actually one of the few songs that I had heard of prior to this post, as it played a lot on the radio during the summer and I definitely think it sounds so much better on a wireless speaker system than from our rubbish car speakers! Drag Me Down by One Direction also has a good video, probably because it needed be amazing as the first vid without Zayn. They're astronauts in the video and are training or whatever on spacey equipment, as well as singing along and looking pretty hot. Apart from Louis, as he's my least favourite and therefore looks like a log. As much as I love the song Black Magic by Little Mix the video annoys me because it plays to the 'wear glasses and look hideous, take them off and become a beauty' thing that many 90s films seemed to promote. Plus, they only become hot to impress another girl's boyfriend and then put a farting spell on her? Girl power, not.

I wasn't keen on the video for How Deep Is Your Love? by Calvin Harris & Disciples either. It features Gigi Hadid and I just kept worrying that she had been drugged or something, as she always looks like a startled lamb in the surroundings, before suddenly becoming fine and dancing/changing outfits/swimming in a dress. As far as comeback videos go, Hello by Adele seemed quite dull to me. Is the sepia overlay still popular? Why does she have a flip phone and then become surprised that her signal is rubbish? I know Adele's videos have always been quite simple, but it actually bored me. I've decided to disqualify Love Me Like You Do by Ellie GouldingFlashlight by Jessie J and Writing's On The Wall by Sam Smith as they're all songs from film soundtracks and the videos all heavily feature the promo film. They're disqualified because I find it unfair to compare a multi-million dollar film budget to the equivalent for a single budget. I've also disqualified Photograph by Ed Sheeran as I don't like Ed Sheeran and didn't want to watch the video - soz!

So the winning video is Runnin' (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy et al! I was really impressed by the filmography of this one, as it's filmed underwater and even prompted me to watch the 'behind the scenes' clip as well. The choreography is wonderful, and I just thought it worked really well with the song. Pretty stuff.

So what do you think of my reasonings? Who do you think will win? 

Chelsea xo
*Collaborative post but all words and thoughts my own*

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