Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Dylan's Favourite Stories

It's no secret that some of my favourite books are children's stories, and I don't think that is anything to be ashamed of. The stories from my childhood helped shape my mind and taught me so many life lessons including - being kind to others, using your imagination and if your family suck, you might be lucky enough to get adopted by Miss Honey. As much as I try to offload these literary loves to Dylan, he has his own mind and has his own favourite set of books that he'll happily read 1000 times over. 

The Great Big Sleep by Sean Julian* 
The Great Big Sleep is the sweetest story about Bear and Squirrel getting reading to hibernate for winter. For me, the standout for this book is the beautiful illustrations, which have so much detail and really add to story. Dylan's favourite? Repeating all the noisy things Squirrel gets up to! I mean, who wants to go to bed when you could hoover or play the trumpet? Unluckily for Squirrel, Bear is super sleep and gets a little bit snappy, which results in Squirrel leaving their cosy den in the middle of a snow storm. Dylan always gets a bit worried when Squirrel goes missing, but you'll be glad to know there is a happy ending! A must for any child that tries their hardest to convince you they're not at all sleepy at bedtime. 

Hey Duggee - Cheer Up, Pup!*
Dylan loves watching Hey Duggee when it's on TV, so he was super excited when he received Cheer Up, Pup in the post. Just like the TV show, the book is bright and colourful and our favourite Squirrel Club members. Dylan loves this because he gets the chance to earn his own puppy badge, and he likes pointing out all of the funny faces the club members pull - especially when the puppy's nappy needs changing, pooey! Dylan's already eyeing up the Hey Duggee sticker book, so no doubt that will make its way into his collection soon. 

Pass It On by Soppy Henn*
Okay, how gorgeous is that front cover? It's hardly surprising that Sophy Henn is a World Book Day illustrator, is it? Pass It On is a wonderful little story about finding happiness in the smallest things and passing them on to share the joy. A great message that kids and adults can both enjoy. 

Oi Frog! is perfect for kids with a sense of humour, Dylan finds this hilarious. Basically, a cat tells frog that he needs to sit on  log - because you can only sit on a rhyme, amiright? But frog points out that logs are kind of bumpy and have splinters and why can't he sit on a nice mat? Can you guess who sits on the mat? That's right, it's the cat! Cat goes onto to explain all the things frog can't sit on, and which lucky animal is paired with a iron, flute and even a satsuma! This one is great because I can basically make Dylan do most of the reading as he loves pointing out the various animals and 'seats' in the fun illustrations. 

So there we have it! A few of Dylan's favourite books. Now, I just need to work out what Chelsea rhymes with so I can prepare a fancy throne!  

Chelsea xo

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